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Co driver man despair 5 even roar across the screen can feel despair

What's the matter with the man's five roars in despair? A woman drives her car onto the sidewalk in Yueyang, Hunan Province, on May 24. The co driver reminds her to brake, but the car doesn't slow down. The man yells' brake '. The woman panicked and kept asking 'which', but the car hit the glass door of a shop. Netizen: you can feel despair across the screen.

Let's feel the 5-in-a-row roar of despair

The netizens who saw the video also said one after another: it's too dangerous! How did you get the driver's license?

My little sister: I don't know where I got the brake certificate?

Lost Moose The woman and child who passed by were really lucky

A: emmm, I have to say this female driver & hellip; It's terrible

Migrant worker 1007: funny, women are still aggrieved 'I ask you which you say'

Kawabata: 'you shout, it's no use crying out your throat,' said the woman