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How to peel loquat quickly

Loquat is a very delicious fruit, and it is nutritious, for cough, expectorant, asthma and other good medicinal effect. It is good for our health to eat loquat regularly and properly. However, we all know that it's very difficult to peel the loquat skin, and we can't eat it together, so peeling the loquat skin becomes a trouble. Next, Xiaobian will teach you three ways to peel loquat skin, so that you can easily eat loquat.

The first move -- skin removal after scraping. When we buy fresh loquat, we can wash it with clear water first, because there will be a layer of fluff on it. Then use the nail to scrape along the skin from the beginning to the end. During the scraping process, the flesh color of loquat will become darker and the touch will be very soft. Then, after scraping in each direction in turn, we can tear off the whole skin with the stem on the head of loquat, so that we can easily remove the outer skin of loquat.

The second method -- spoon method. We can prepare a small iron spoon, wash the loquat, and then scrape the protruding side of the spoon outwards along the direction of loquat from the beginning to the end. Then we can pull up the stem on the head of loquat, and tear off the skin just scraped by the spoon, so that we can easily pull off the skin of loquat. It should be noted that when selecting iron spoon, do not select too thin iron spoon, otherwise it is easy to damage the pulp part of loquat.

The third method is nail shaving. This is the most common and direct method used by many of us. It is to shave the skin of loquat directly with fingernails. The specific method is to clean the loquat, from the head end of the loquat, that is to say, the thinner part, use the fingernail to tear off the loquat skin directly along the direction of the tail.

Seeing this, do you want to try to peel the delicious loquat yourself? With the above three methods, I want to eat loquat later, and I don't need to worry about peeling any more. Let's learn together with Xiaobian!