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How can there be no watermelon feast in hot summer

In the hot summer, eating a basin of cool watermelon is the best experience and enjoyment in summer. As we all know, there are many different ways to eat watermelon, and you can cut watermelon in various ways. Now, Xiaobian wants to teach you a few ways to cut the watermelon plate, so that you can have a cool summer in the watermelon feast.

The first method is to cut the watermelon into two parts, and then put the two sides of the watermelon cover on the chopping board. At this time, we can take out a knife and cut it into a cross along the back of the watermelon by parallel cutting method, with a width of about 3cm. Cut the watermelon on the other side in the same way. In this way, we can turn the whole watermelon into a long strip which can be easily drawn out. When you eat, just gently pull it out.

The second way to cut a watermelon plate is to cut a complete watermelon into a quarter shape to form four large watermelons. Then, place each large watermelon shell on the chopping board with the shell facing outward. At this time, take out the knife and cut it into even pieces according to the thickness of 2cm. Then we peel each slice, so that we can simply put out a plate of delicious watermelon.

The third way to cut a watermelon tray is to prepare a ball digger, which can be used for a lot of purposes, and the round watermelon snowball will look more appetizing. Now we cut the watermelon into two parts, then take out the ball digger, dig out the watermelon circle by circle, and put it in the fruit plate. If you want to make a more delicious watermelon platter, you can also sprinkle a layer of ice cream or salad dressing on it. It will be very enjoyable to take it out after freezing!

How about, have you learned these three ways of putting watermelon plates taught by Xiaobian? If you are already in a mood, then, in the hot summer, you may as well buy a watermelon and try to have a cool watermelon feast yourself!