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More than 50% of college students have hair loss problems, how to deal with serious hair loss

Many college students have the problem of hair loss, in fact, it has a great relationship with their own habits, bad habits will play a great role in the hair, let's have a specific look!

More than 50% of college students have hair loss problems

Recent research shows that more than 50% of college students have hair loss problems, half of them begin to lose their hair when they are in college, more than 70% of them are in the state of slight hair loss, and more than 60% of them have taken measures to alleviate hair loss; Nearly 80% of the students think that hair loss affects their study and life, and more than 70% think that hair loss can make their mood worse More than 90% of the students think that staying up late less can alleviate hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss of College Students

Massage scalp, often comb hair can strengthen the scalp blood circulation, strengthen the friction of the scalp, can dredge the scalp vein. So we must comb our hair more sooner or later.

Diet is important. Drink more milk, eat more vegetables, eat more food containing trace elements, nutrition balance, give hair a strong nutrient! The content of basic inorganic salts (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.) in green vegetables is high, which can neutralize the acidic substances that are not conducive to the growth of hair in the body, and make them become non-toxic substances out of the body. You can choose to eat white gourd, radish, Chinese cabbage, spinach, lotus root and so on. Soybean products, mushrooms, black fungus, Hericium erinaceus and so on are also beneficial.

Eat a balanced diet of fruits such as cherries, apples and dates. Animal protein: fish, poultry and lean pork are rich in protein, but they should not be eaten too much because they are acidic substances and the blood is acidic, which will hinder the body-building of skin and hair.

Try to relax, listen to music, watch movies, do sports, use all the ways of decompression, release yourself well, keep a relaxed attitude, and meet the dense hair easily!

Hair care, nutrition absorption and operation rely on the body organ metabolism and blood circulation system. Therefore, we should exercise regularly, activate blood circulation, enhance cardiopulmonary function and improve circulation efficiency. Otherwise sedentary, scalp blood flow more and more slowly, hair will be affected. If the hair loss is serious, the hair matrix nutrient solution can be applied on the scalp, which can be absorbed through the epidermis, directly reach the hair follicle, expand blood vessels, improve scalp microcirculation, alleviate hair loss and promote the rapid growth of hair.

Develop good habits, weak acidic scalp, do not change at will, the scalp afraid of wind and sun, afraid of drying, afraid of chemical contact. There are a lot of scalp hair and maintenance points, our friends need to pay attention to hair loss. It is better to have a systematic understanding and study when necessary.

Adhere to exercise, many women in order to slim body and take a diet to lose weight, resulting in the body's nutrient intake is far from enough. So the main component of its hair is a kind of protein called gluten, which is composed of protein and trace elements such as copper, iron and zinc. If the diet leads to insufficient intake of nutrients, then the hair will fall off due to malnutrition.