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Huawei 5g mobile phone sales stopped in UK

Recently, after foreign technology giants such as Google and arm announced the suspension of business cooperation with Huawei, the news that the UK stopped selling Huawei 5g mobile phones came out again. In response, BT group said that because of some 'uncertainties', it chose to suspend the sale of Huawei's 5g mobile phones. Let's take you to know.

Huawei 5g mobile phone sales stopped in UK

On May 22 local time, the Financial Times reported that EE, one of Europe's largest telecom companies, said it had planned to use Huawei mobile phones as part of the UK's first 5g network launched on Wednesday. However, due to the uncertainty of Huawei's being blacklisted by the United States, the company decided to suspend the above plan.

'the company has suspended the sale of Huawei 5g mobile phones because Huawei can't & lsquo; Ensure & quot; Its services can support long-term mobile phone contracts, and we have to stop that happening. " Mark middot, chairman of EE; Marc allera responded.

Vodafone also said it would suspend the sale of Huawei 5g Matex, which was originally scheduled for this summer. " Huawei's 5g mobile phone has not yet obtained the necessary certification. " A spokesman for the company said.

Last week, Huawei launched its first 5g smartphone mate 20x (5g) to British consumers, and plans to go on sale in June this year, noted.

In a report, the guardian quoted a Vodafone spokesman as saying, "we have suspended Huawei's booking of mate 20x (5g) in the UK. This is a temporary measure and we will continue to review it."

Consumers said they would still use Huawei mobile phones

Although the US Department of Commerce announced recently that it will implement export control measures on Huawei, Huawei has been deeply engaged in technology research and development and market promotion in developed countries such as the UK for many years, and has established a relatively solid product image in the minds of local consumers. Its excellent product quality and advanced technology have been praised by local people.

Pavlos, a young man who has lived in London for many years, has three Huawei smart phones with him. He told reporters that he likes Huawei's products very much, and he will also consider buying Huawei's new mobile phones in the future. "Huawei has been introducing innovative technologies, which has also prompted other manufacturers to make efforts in this area," Pavlos said

"The quality of Huawei's mobile phones is very good, especially the picture quality of taking pictures. This is a very good brand." Young girl Nicole told reporters.

The UK is open to Huawei and has to comply with the ban due to us pressure

In addition, Huawei's investment in mobile phones and 5g network equipment has made great contributions to the local economic development and employment in the UK. According to an independent study by the Oxford economic consulting agency, Huawei's business activities in 2018 brought 1.7 billion pounds (about 1.27 US dollars) of economic benefits to the UK, six times as much as in 2012, creating a large number of employment opportunities; In terms of R & D alone, Huawei invested 112 million pounds in the UK for R & D in 2018 and employed more than 300 researchers in the UK.

At present, the British government is still open to business cooperation with Huawei. Before that, the British government has agreed to let Huawei participate in domestic 5g infrastructure. However, due to British companies such as arm, most of their industrial chains are distributed in the United States, so they have to abide by the ban of the United States.