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Will Hengfeng bank be incorporated into CCB system? Hengfeng bank denied being taken over by CCB

According to the media, the acquisition of Hengfeng bank by CCB has been taken over recently. This rumor can be called the heavyweight news, causing a sensation in the whole banking industry. But, within hours, it was cleared up. The latest news shows that the so-called takeover rumor is false, Hengfeng bank has also refuted the rumor!

Will Hengfeng bank be incorporated into CCB system

On the afternoon of May 24, a media article said, "according to authoritative sources, recently, China Construction Bank has appointed the backbone of its information technology management department as the chief information officer of Hengfeng bank, who is in charge of the bank's information technology management and business departments, and directly participates in the management decision-making related to information technology. According to the practice, CCB first sends personnel to find out, After that, we will come up with a feasible rescue plan, which will be implemented after the approval of the relevant competent authorities. As for whether CCB will acquire this bank or integrate Hengfeng bank into CCB system in the future, it needs to consider both parties' wishes and commercial interests. "

At the same time, the article said, "after nearly a year of investigation, around the end of last year, Hengfeng bank reported a heavy report to the relevant regulatory authorities, and then the relevant regulatory authorities, together with the financial stability bureau of the central bank, reported the report to a higher level. After several twists and turns, this arduous task fell to the head of CCB."

Hengfeng bank denied being taken over by CCB

In the face of this heavy rumor, Hengfeng bank could not sit still. On the evening of May 24, Hengfeng bank, headquartered in Shandong, issued a notice saying, "individual media reports on our bank and China Construction Bank are seriously untrue, and we reserve the right to take further measures against untrue reports."

It's true that there is no such thing as bank merger and acquisition, but it's said that China Construction Bank acquired Hengfeng bank, or that China Construction Bank took over Hengfeng bank. This kind of rumor is too strong! In fact, this kind of event should be subject to the official announcement. Many reports from we media or small media organizations are false rumors. Now it turns out that the so-called merger and acquisition is false.