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Buy parking space climb skylight in and out, the developer said it can't be returned

According to media reports, recently, an owner in Nanning, Guangxi complained: "I spent more than 200000 yuan to buy a parking space. After parking, four doors got stuck and could not be opened. I had to climb the skylight to get out.". The owner contacted the developer and asked for the parking space to be returned and replaced. The developer replied: "the process has been completed, the tax has been reported up, and there is no way to return and replace it.". And signaled 'you see if you can sell it'. The owners said they would take legal action to solve the problem.

For such a thing, ten or twenty years ago, it would have been said that the owners themselves had bad luck. However, in an environment with increasingly perfect market rules, it can only be said that developers are naive to do such things. Let's not say for the moment whether the price of 'parking space' is expensive or not. From the functional point of view, 'parking in, people can't get out', it means that the parking space is not qualified, but the unqualified 'products' (parking space) are still sold to' users' (owners), which obviously violates the basic principles of commercial transactions.

Even, we find that when the owners make a legitimate return request, 'developers' even continue to prevaricate. We have to say that this is too much. In this regard, for the owners of rights, this must be the path. With the advent of marketization of business transactions, the most important point is that the process of transactions should be equal. For those who do not understand the law and the market, this is also clear.

However, in the past, in the environment of lack of goods and loose competition, businesses often dominated, while customers could only let them go. However, the current 'market environment' and 'rights protection environment' have long been different. Therefore, if you want to make money by "one hammer trading", it is almost like "drinking poison to quench thirst" in the industry model. Generally speaking, smart business, want to be big business, will cherish their wings.

Because the overall market has changed from a 'supply-oriented market' to a 'service-oriented market'. At this time, if businesses are still arrogant, they will be easily eliminated by the market. Unfortunately, in some companies with imperfect order, the existence of performance appraisal will lead to some vulgar behaviors. Frankly speaking, as a developer, I am sure I know the problem of unqualified parking spaces.

The fundamental problem is not the process, but the lack of fundamental service consciousness. So, for such a thing, the final result also need not worry too much. If we take the path of legal proceedings, we can basically get the results we should have. After all, this is an obvious problem.

In the past, it was a kind of evaluation on the level of transaction ethics. But now it's the 'trading rules'. The times are changing and many things are changing. As a business, if you want to win the respect of the market, you must do a good job in the product, at the same time, the sense of service should also keep up, otherwise the vitality will not be too strong.

But now, many businesses just talk about this simple concept, and there are not many companies that can practice it step by step. Therefore, we can understand why the embarrassing situation of "200000 yuan parking space can only climb through the skylight" happened. In fact, as the business itself, perhaps managers are also very aware of the existence of these problems.

However, as a grass-roots service personnel, it is not necessarily the best service presented. Of course, it's not that they don't want to present, but that they forget the 'bottom line of transaction' and 'essence of service' in the process of work pressure and interest coercion. Therefore, many things happen, not absolutely confused or clumsy, but the order of the organizational environment is not healthy enough.

However, as the obvious problem of "200000 yuan parking space can only be accessed through the skylight", if we want to get rid of the past, it is obviously testing the owner's IQ and the bottom line of the rules. Generally speaking, if there is a problem with cheap goods, people will not investigate it. But after all, this is a '200000 yuan parking space', and anyone will defend their rights.

As a 'parking space', there must be a basic standard. However, as a developer, it is a kind of "transaction fraud" to sell the parking spaces to the owners when they know that they are not qualified. As for the unreasonable behavior of the developers in protecting the owners' rights, it is even more regrettable. We often say that there is a problem to solve the problem, but when the developer has a problem to avoid the problem, it will inevitably make things escalate again.

Therefore, the issue of "200000 yuan parking space can only be accessed through the skylight" may involve two aspects. One is the issue of integrity in the sales process, and the other is the issue of responsibility in after-sales service. In short, when it comes to transactions and services, 'developer' is a complete inaction. This has been very common in the 'real estate transaction process' in recent years. As the owner, we must not compromise, the rights can not be soft.

After all, the improvement of the market requires self-discipline of businesses and customers, as well as mutual supervision and restraint. Because self-discipline itself is a higher-level behavior, and restraint is the majority of reality, that is, human nature. Therefore, when it comes to the issue of '200000 yuan parking space can only be accessed by climbing the skylight', the owners don't have to be too angry. Just follow the path of legal proceedings. There's no problem.

Generally speaking, if it is an obvious moral problem in the market, it should not be easily let go in the law. As a defender of rights, we must be confident. Of course, we should not worry too much about the cost of safeguarding rights. If, as an individual, he is always worried about the cost of safeguarding rights and is afraid of causing trouble, then some businesses will be more unscrupulous.

For businesses, it should also be clear that selling unqualified products to customers is a kind of 'mistake' in itself. If they turn a blind eye to the mistake again, it will be 'mistake plus mistake' The era of "one hammer buying and selling" is no longer here. In the past, people were cheated. Maybe it will be over. However, with the improvement of market rules, it has become more and more impossible to buy and sell with one hammer.