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This kind of coffee may be able to strengthen yang. Add Viagra to coffee. Be careful of side effects

Original title: new Viagra added to coffee? Watch out for these illegally added foods!

Can coffee still 'strengthen Yang, beautify and improve memory'? There is a so-called green functional coffee that claims to have such magical effects. The test found that it had illegally added tadalafil, a chemical commonly known as' new Viagra '. What's going on?

Pharmacies sell coffee with 'new Viagra' ingredients

Two years ago, caizhitang pharmacy in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, suddenly sold a so-called green functional food coffee -- Shenzhen Tongle macanao coffee.

Guan Qing, head of the Inspection Branch of Zhangjiajie market supervision and Administration Bureau, said that the billboard in the drugstore indicated that this kind of coffee has five functions, such as strengthening yang, beautifying and improving memory. During the inspection, we found that there were many doubts about this coffee: the production date was not marked to the day according to the national regulations, but only to the month; The ingredients on the small package are inconsistent with those on the outer package.

This coffee is neither medicine, nor health food, nor ordinary food. According to China's food safety law, food production enterprises must clearly mark the production date and product composition on the outer packaging of products. And food advertisements can't deal with therapeutic functions. Why is this kind of food so strange? The national food inspection department tested the ingredients of this coffee and found that there was tadalafil in it. The content was 2.0 times 10 mg per kilogram.

Tadalafil is a kind of chemical drug, which is mainly used to treat male sexual dysfunction. It is commonly known as' new Viagra '. It is a chemical raw material drug banned in food by the state. Tadalafil is a prescription drug with many contraindications.

Li buqun, Secretary of the Party group of Zhangjiajie market supervision and Administration Bureau, said that patients with hypertension, heart disease, anemia, sexual dysfunction and women can not take it, and long-term use will produce a lot of toxic and side effects.

Coffee, candy, honey patterns more than 10 provinces and cities

The illegal addition of API in food violates the food safety law and China's criminal law. Through investigation and evidence collection, the police found out the division of personnel, product production and sales network of Shenzhen Tongle company,

The tadalafil API used by Shenzhen Tongle company was purchased online, and the seller was Zhu from Wuhan Fulin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. At the scene, the police seized 26.5 kg of dalafil. Zhu is a middleman. He does not produce drugs himself.

Further investigation by the police showed that Jinan Hongwan, Haizhu and other four companies produced tadalafil API and sold it to Wuhan ZhuMou. ZhuMou then sold it to Shenzhen Tongle company and other more than 10 food enterprises, with a total of 1005 kg, which was used for illegally adding, making coffee, drinks, candy, sugar tablets, honey and other food. These enterprises involve Guangdong, Shanghai, Hunan, Hubei, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and more than ten provinces and cities.

Up to now, the case has identified more than 4000 kilograms of tdela Fei, and arrested 44 suspect, seized more than 30 thousand packets of food containing the ingredients of the tdelaway, more than 30 thousand pieces of candy, about 300000 pieces of candy, about 300000 cans of honey and coffee drinks, more than 6000 men and more than 6000 yuan.

Many cases of illegal food addition

In recent years, there have been many cases of adding tadalafil and other toxic and harmful chemicals to food in China.

In April this year, tadalafil was detected in the 'energy tablets' produced by Fujian Shishi No.1 company; In July last year, tadalafil was detected in sea cucumber oyster granule tablets and Jinhua tea oyster granule tablets produced by a company in Guangxi.

Tadalafil was originally a prescription drug. In order to make huge profits, some illegal businesses added tadalafil into food and sold it in pharmacies, sex stores and online under the banner of food without or impossible to obtain the drug production qualification. China's "food safety law" stipulates that food advertisements should be true and legal, and should not involve the functions of disease prevention and treatment.

At Shenzhen Tong Le company, the Maca coffee formula is made by the suspect Li. Li was originally an electrician of an enterprise in Guangxi. The company claimed that Li was' Dr. Li, Professor of Tsinghua University, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences', misleading and deceiving consumers. Some consumers who didn't know the truth ate this kind of food illegally added and randomly added tadalafil, which had serious adverse consequences.

The reason why the enterprises and suspect involved in the crime are constantly changing their patterns and rush into danger are all driven by profits. The production cost of a box of macanao coffee is only more than ten yuan, but the retail price in the drugstore is as high as 680 yuan.

We should take the initiative to report to the law enforcement agencies when we encounter this kind of suspicious food and health care products with magical functions, so as to eradicate these poisonous and harmful food and protect the safety on the tip of the tongue.