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How to pickle pickles quickly? The pickled pickles are simple and delicious

Pickles are the same food we often eat. They are appetizing and delicious. Many times, if we don't have any appetite, we will have a big appetite after eating them. Pickles can be said to be the same characteristics of northeast vegetables, but as Hunan people, we have also learned how to pickle pickles. So how can we quickly pickle pickles? What are the quick pickling methods? Let's teach you some simple and delicious pickles!

Pickled pickles are really super simple. Let's talk about it next. Let's talk about the first step. The first step, of course, is to prepare the ingredients. We usually pickle pickles with cabbage. If we want to pickle pickled cabbage, we should prepare the fresh cabbage. But we should also pay attention to the fact that the cabbage can't be too cooked. Too cooked cabbage will affect the taste of pickled cabbage. We also need to dry the water in the cabbage. If we want to pickle pickles, we don't need too much water. What we need is dry cabbage without much water.

The second step is to put the cabbage without any water into the container and marinate it. We usually use jars to marinate, which is easier to preserve. It's OK to use glass jars to marinate, but many times it's better to use jars to marinate. Let's put the dried cabbage in the jar one by one, and then start to sprinkle salt evenly, but pay attention, salt must be sprinkled evenly, otherwise it may affect the taste.

The third step is to wait quietly. After we sprinkle all the pickles with salt, we just need to seal the jar and wait. However, we need to add water properly. Adding water is very important. We must pay close attention to it. Then we wait for the pickles to ferment by themselves. After the fermentation is successful, we can eat delicious pickles.

After the pickles come out of the jar, we can also adjust the taste according to our favorite taste. If we like spicy food, we can put a little pepper on it. How do you think it's easy? Let's try!