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What harm does often drink Luoshen flower tea have? What are the side effects of Luoshen flower tea

Luoshen flower tea is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine health tea with beauty effect. It can dilute the color spots and replenish qi and blood. Regular drinking can also dilute the color spots and make the face ruddy. In addition, Luoshen flower tea can protect cardiovascular system and improve heart function, which is of great benefit to maintain human health. However, Luoshen flower tea also has certain harm, if you drink it improperly, there will be obvious side effects.

Harm of luoshenhua tea

1. Irritation of gastric mucosa

It is the most important harm of Luoshen flower tea to stimulate gastric mucosa and cause stomach pain and gastritis, because Luoshen flower tea itself has a strong sour taste, and its stimulation to human gastric mucosa is particularly obvious, which is easy to damage the gastric mucosa. In order to avoid the harm of Luoshen flower tea, when brewing Luoshen flower tea, you should add an appropriate amount of honey seasoning, so as to make its sour taste lighter, The harm to human gastric mucosa will also be reduced.

2. Cause miscarriage

Luoshen flower tea has many benefits to human body, but its blood activating effect is particularly obvious, and it also has a certain stimulating effect on female uterus. It can accelerate uterine contraction. Those pregnant women are prone to fetal movement or abortion after drinking Luoshen flower tea, which is very harmful to the fetal development and maternal health.

Side effects of luoshenhua tea

1. Lead to irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is the most common side effect of Luoshen scented tea, especially for those who insist on drinking Luoshen scented tea during menstruation, which will significantly increase the number of menstruation, and there will be obvious abdominal pain. In severe cases, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea and other adverse symptoms will appear. Some women drinking Luoshen scented tea during menstruation will also affect their fertility.

2. Induce deficiency cold of spleen and stomach

It can induce deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, make people have abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and other adverse symptoms, which are also the side effects of Luoshen flower tea. Because Luoshen flower tea is cold and cool in nature, it can make people have deficiency cold of spleen and stomach or disharmony of spleen and stomach, and also make a large number of cold substances accumulate in the body, which will seriously damage the function of spleen and stomach. In this case, the human body will have a variety of discomfort symptoms, Those people who have cold constitution or deficiency of spleen and stomach will have more obvious side effects after drinking less Luoshen flower tea.