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EDG beat Ig to win the third place! EDG 2-1 defeats Ig airborne hot search

EDG beat Ig to win the third place! EDG 2-1 beat Ig airborne hot search. Before the start of MSI, the annual nest competition started, and most teams also relied on this competition to train for the newcomers. In this third place competition, the two teams of EDG and Ig met. The two teams of Ig were all members of the second team, and EDG sent two new candidates.

The two sides played three games, and finally the EDG team won the game and finally got the third place. In this game, IBOY played steadily and seemed to grow into a veteran to lead the team to victory. In the previous game, scout was in a low state. This time, he was better against Ig team 2; However, the rookie's performance is good, and it is expected that the rookie will rotate with the factory director in the summer. As for the rookie's performance on the single sleepy, it is not good. Maybe they have to keep the water dispenser all the time in the summer.

Let's talk about the second team of Ig. In the previous games, the MVP of the winning games was basically for the small happy words, except for the second game against edg. Therefore, the whole team's trend depends on Xiao Leyan's performance, and everyone also highly praised him. He is just at the age of summer and may be promoted to LPL and ningwang rotation. In the face of strong EDG, the down road combination of Ig team 2 appears to be very passive, and the line ability is crushed. In addition, meiko is known for its strong on-line ability, which leads to the basic failure of Ig down road.

Immediately on June 1, children's Day is the start day of LPL Summer Games, and all teams are ready. EDG team in the introduction of single Sword Fairy, may continue to open around the single point, after the breakthrough, Sword Fairy and ray rotation can also maintain a certain level. With the encouragement of the factory director, it's worth looking forward to what kind of performance the newcomer will have. So, what kind of performance will EDG play in the summer? rub one's eyes and wait!