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Antonio named Cannes Film king! The full list of Cannes Film Festival is attached

Antonio named Cannes Film king! The full list is attached to the Cannes Film Festival. According to Cannes time, on the evening of May 25, the award ceremony of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival 'main competition unit' was held at Cannes Film palace. On this night, Antonio Banderas defeated a number of opponents with the film "pain and glory" and won the 'film King' award from the awarding guest Zhang Ziyi.

The Cannes jury was interviewed backstage and asked why they chose parasite to win the Palme d'Or? "At that time, our jury was watching movies in a small house, and the audience's reaction was very good. Our selection was not only about the good and bad of movies, but also focused on the experience of watching movies." parasite "was a local movie, but also a global one," said the jury chairman, inarido

South Korean director Feng Junhao won the most eye-catching "Palme d'Or" in Cannes Film Festival's "main competition unit" with the film "parasite". He was interviewed backstage at the award ceremony and talked about the feeling of winning the award. He said frankly: "it's a surprise, like it's not true. It's an unforgettable memory. I'm very grateful!" He also said that this year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Korean films, and the awards are more meaningful. He is very grateful for the gift given to him by the film festival. He revealed that he hopes to continue directing and make more films: "parasite is my seventh film, and I hope to make my eighth film next." Talking about the experience of writing scripts, he said: "I usually write scripts in a coffee shop and pay attention to the surrounding environment. Even noise is my inspiration."

Antonio Banderas won the Cannes Film Awards. He was interviewed backstage and talked about his feelings of winning the awards. He said: "I've been in the business for 40 years. I've been nominated many times in the past, but I've never really won the awards. I feel faint and my ears are burning if I can get this award tonight." In addition, Anthony recalled his hard experience when he first started his career. He said frankly that he didn't have much opportunity to perform and money when he first started his career, but he knew he shouldn't complain about anything, because many people had similar experiences with him.

Emily & middot, the winner of Cannes film queen; Bicham also talked about the feeling of winning the award backstage. She said frankly: "the role is a great challenge for me, and the performance is like a choreographer to me, because we have to take into account the rhythm of the performance and the rhythm of the director."

Full list:

Golden Palm Award: parasite

Jury Award: Atlantic

Best actor: Antonio & middot; Banderas' pain and glory

Jury awards: les miserables, barklow

Best director: young Ahmed by Darnay brothers

Best actress: Emily & middot; Bycham's Little Joe

Best screenwriter: Portrait of burning woman

Jury Special Mention Award: "must be heaven"

Golden camera Award: our mother

Golden Palm: our distance from the sky