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Parking 2 hours charge 405 yuan what situation? Can you accept the sky high parking fee

what's the charge of 405 yuan for parking two hours? Can you accept the sky high parking fee? After parking for more than two hours, the system showed that the parking fee was 405 yuan. Mr. Xiao, a car owner in Changsha, said that he had been charged a "sky high parking fee". Because he didn't find the person on duty at that time, Mr. Xiao parked his car at the entrance and exit of the parking lot and left the scene.

on May 22, the parking management contacted Mr. Xiao to move the car. Under the coordination of the police, the two sides reached an oral agreement.

'up to now, they haven't apologized.' May 25, Mr. Xiao told reporters that the parking system error, the other side did not apologize, let him very dissatisfied.

Mr. Xiao said that on May 21, he had a meal with a business partner at a hotel in Huayue city commercial plaza near Jinglian Road, Yuhua District. At 6 p.m., he parked his car in the parking lot of Huayue City Commercial Plaza. At more than 8 p.m., Mr. Xiao and his friends went to the parking lot to move their cars, but they were stopped at the exit. Mr. Xiao was puzzled because there was no parking fee for eating in the mall. But a look at the parking lot display shows the amount of charges, he was surprised.

Mr. Xiao showed the reporter a picture of the entrance and exit display screen taken on the day of parking. The picture showed that Mr. Xiao's car had been parked for 20 days and he had to pay 405 yuan. " It's really puzzling. ' Mr. Xiao said that he ate in a restaurant in the mall on the same day. According to the regulations, he was free of parking fees, and he only took more than two hours from parking to picking up the car.

'the parking lot is unattended and charged automatically. I have to leave if I can't find anyone. ' Mr. Xiao said that the reason why he chose to park at the entrance and exit was that he couldn't find a communication staff, but he was afraid to continue charging when he returned the parking space. After parking the car at the entrance and exit, Mr. Xiao took a taxi to leave, but before leaving, Mr. Xiao left his phone on the car.

Mr. Xiao said that on the evening of the 21st, a security guard contacted him, but because he was busy, he did not come to move the car. On the morning of the 22nd, the property management company of the parking lot contacted him again and said, "they asked me to move the car, but their attitude was very bad."

I was shocked to see the parking fee

Parking a few days ago, only enter the entry record

Mr. Xiao said that he refused to move the car at that time and asked the other party to explain why the sky high parking fee was charged.

Green city property, the parking lot manager, told Mr. Xiao that the system showed that Mr. Xiao's car entered the parking lot of the mall on May 1 and never left. However, after investigation, the system only recorded the entry of the car, and there was no system record when it came out.

'on May 1st, my son drove to unload the goods and stayed for only a few minutes.' Mr. Xiao contacted his son and learned that when the car entered the parking lot, the gate was opened upward and nobody was on duty. When Mr. Xiao's son drove the car out of the parking lot, there was no management nearby. The system only records that Mr. Xiao's car has a record of entering, but no record of leaving. Therefore, when Mr. Xiao's car enters again, the system will automatically calculate from the time of the first entering.

The other party still asked Mr. Xiao to pay the parking fee of the previous night, but Mr. Xiao didn't agree, "I refused to move the car, but the other party found seven or eight security guards to come." As the negotiation failed, both sides called the police.

On May 25, the reporter contacted manager Xu, the person in charge of the property of Huayue City Commercial Plaza. The other party said that he was not willing to be interviewed and that everything had been handed over to the police. The reporter learned from Jingwanzi police station of Yuhua public security bureau that on May 22, under the coordination of the police, Mr. Xiao removed the car from the scene and left after the two sides reached an oral agreement.

The police said that in the face of parking disputes, consumers who encounter unreasonable charges can take a rational way to protect their rights. It is not advisable to take radical actions such as blocking the door. In serious cases, they may also violate the public security regulations. Call on everyone to communicate patiently and safeguard their rights rationally. At the same time, it is also hoped that the parking management side will audit the parking management system more to avoid the phenomenon of charging sky high parking fees by mistake.