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Didi is listed as the executee. What's the matter? Huawei is an important customer of Lenovo's PC an

Didi is listed as the executee. What's the matter? Huawei is an important customer of Lenovo's PC and services. Speaking of didi travel, we all know that many people have used it, and it's cheaper than the average taxi price, so didi has become a software that many people love to use in their daily travel. Now didi travel has become the largest travel service platform in the world, with 550 million users.

On May 24, according to the data of tianyancha, Didi Travel Technology Co., Ltd. was listed as the executor by the people's Court of Changning District of Shanghai on May 16, with the object of execution of 1685000. Didi technology Travel Co., Ltd. was established in July 2015 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. According to the risk of Tianyan, there are 297 risks of didi company, most of which are legal proceedings.

In the beginning, Didi could only make an appointment for a taxi. Gradually, it began to develop in other directions. Later, it could make an appointment for a special car, take a free ride, drive on behalf of others, test drive or even carpool. And didi travel cooperates with a number of third-party payment providers, so users can take a taxi and pay freely on their mobile phones. Simple methods and convenient travel make didi spread quickly among the masses.

However, in recent years, Didi's taxi accidents continue to occur, from the beginning of the driver order fraud, to the back of the killing of female passengers, all kinds of problems continue to occur, making Didi's safety lower and lower, especially in the evening this period of time is the frequent stage of the event. And the victims are mostly women, and most of the incidents are rape cases or even rape and murder cases. What makes people even more angry is that some crazy drivers specially set up a group and then sent photos of some victims to the group for sharing. The ugly contents and comments reveal shameless disgust.

Although China's population base is huge, it is normal for every industry to have a few scum, but the frequent crime of didi drivers is extremely rare. One time can be said to be accidental, but after one another, I don't even know how many such accidents have occurred, all of which indicate the hidden danger in safety. Because the threshold to become a didi driver is too low, and there is no screening link, it leads to some scum, scum mixed into it, causing a tragedy.