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How about 5g technology in China? China is the country with the strongest comprehensive capability o

Now the most popular topic is 5g technology. Although 5g network is not really commercial, it is very clear that 5g network is fast and the technology is amazing. Now which country is strong in 5g technology? It is said that China's 5g technology is the strongest. Next, we can see how powerful China's 5g is by looking at the details of the news.

Recently, the defense innovation Commission of the U.S. Department of Defense issued a report "opportunities and challenges for the Department of defense of 5g ecosystem", which said: China's 5g has been in a leading position in the world. What is the actual situation like? Are we number one?

China 5g network

There is no doubt about that. In terms of the whole ecology, the first is the standard; The second is chip; The third is communication system; The fourth is the communication terminal, we take out the mobile phone alone, mobile phone; The fifth is a variety of other terminals based on 5g; The sixth is the R & D capability of the business; The seventh is the ability of network deployment. In my opinion, the seven aspects are relatively comprehensive.

In terms of standards, China's standards are dominant in the world. China accounts for almost half of the projects of 5g standard, that is to say, the projects are put forward by us, and then we do research around the projects we put forward.

In addition to mobile phone chips, our chip capabilities, such as those of base station, such as Huawei released Tiangang and ZTE also released their own chips. We used to have a very large base station, but now we have a very small base station. Why is the base station so small that many capabilities are integrated into one chip. Now Huawei and ZTE can make their own base station chips. In addition to base station chips, Huawei has released the Baron 5000, which is one of the world's leading 5g chips, at least the same level as the x55 released by Qualcomm.

China is the country with the strongest 5g comprehensive capacity in the world

In addition to chips, Huawei, ZTE and Datang all have communication systems, and the level of communication systems is first-class in the world. Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, oppo, vivo, Xiaomi and Yijia have all launched 5g mobile phones in China. The only 5g mobile phone used in the world is Motorola. Motorola is also a subsidiary of Lenovo, so our mobile phone capability is also very strong. From this perspective, China is now the country with the strongest 5g comprehensive capability in the world.

All of the above is about how powerful China's 5g is. After understanding, I deeply know that China's 5g technology is so powerful. I am very excited about this. China is not only rising in economy, but also in science and technology, which will make the world marvel in the future.