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What's the reason why Moby renamed meituan bike? Meituan will be the only entrance to Mobai

If one of Mobai, meituan and Hu Weiwei wins, it will only be Hu Weiwei. What's the reason for the recent rebranding of Mobai meituan bike? Meituan will be the only entrance to Mobai. Why?

He sold himself to meituan for one year, but the big tree on top of Mobai said that it had never made a profit in eight years. It raised over 56.3 billion yuan and lost 49 billion yuan. Moby's 1 billion yuan debt was also given to meituan. What about Hu Weiwei, the founder of Mobai? After Mobai sold himself for $3.7 billion, Hu Weiwei cashed in between $200 million and $800 million. Since then, he has been "unofficial and light".

However, Hu Weiwei quit, but Mobai is sure to continue. Wang Xing, the founder of meituan, is no fool. Although Mobai is the best one in the bike sharing industry, every bike sharing enterprise is losing money. What meituan wants to do is to guide users of Moby bike to meituan and fill the gap in life service of meituan.

But Moby didn't win. One year after he married meituan, Moby first handed over his report card of 1.5 billion revenue. Before meituan was happy, Moby handed meituan a "list" of 4.55 billion loss for the whole year.

In the past two days, the employees of Mobai finally got the year-end bonus which was delayed for a long time, which was nearly equivalent to two months' salary of the employees. After Hu Weiwei cashed out of Mobai, the scope of Mobai's operations has also been reduced passively, and layoffs, cessation of international business and rising costs are also "normal operations". In this process of constant loss, even the name of Moby bike was thrown into the dustbin. From now on, there will be no Moby bike, only meituan bike.

Bike sharing has created a new market and attracted countless investors. Under the sweeping of capital, the inherent 'money burning property' of Internet enterprises is highlighted. It's easy to end up with nothing if you don't burn money, and it's hard for the enterprises that accept the investment to be free from the constraints of the investors. As for the failure of ofo, Ma Yun said that the real reason was the 'one vote veto' within ofo. However, there are many investors in ofo, but meituan and Mobai are different.

Before Mobai sold itself, Didi wanted to give Mobai "financial support", but it was rejected by Tencent. Didi is not a pure Tencent company, but meituan and Mobai are. At present, Tencent holds 20.1363% of the shares of meituan, the largest shareholder, while Wang Xing, the founder of meituan, holds only 11.4386%. The largest shareholder of Mobai is Tencent. For Mobai, whose decision-making needs more than 67% of the shares to be voted through, its controller is Tencent. Tencent is one of the leading Internet companies in China. It has participated in many companies in China. The success of Tencent is worth learning from every entrepreneur.

Ma Huateng once said bike sharing is a tool to promote mobile payment. For meituan and Tencent, the biggest Mobai made by bike sharing is just in line with this. As the founder of bike sharing, Dai Wei's failure lies in his desire to fight against giants such as Ali, so that the bike sharing industry can become a 'Peach Blossom Land' where only internal enterprises compete with each other, while Hu Weiwei has a clearer view of reality, so he will withdraw early.