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Does Chen Ke like Li Fei? Is there an emotional play between Li Fei and Chen Ke

Some netizens want to abandon the whole play because of Chen Ke's part. The whole play is out of place. They not only cry too much, but also often make trouble. What's most unacceptable is that after Song Yang's sacrifice, people always feel that she has a feeling for Li Fei. So is there an emotional play between them?

Does Chen Ke like Li Fei?

In action ice breaking, Chen Ke seems to like Li Fei a little. After all, after Song Yang died, Li Fei has been taking care of her and calming her mood. In addition, Song Yang broke up with Chen Ke when he was alive, so it's not difficult to see that the relationship between Chen Ke and Song Yang has become much weaker.

At this time, Chen Ke's feelings are in a blank period, and Li Fei's tenderness and consideration will make Chen Ke moved. In the novel, Chen Ke and Li Fei are really together. However, Huang Jingyu, who plays Li Fei, makes it clear that Li Fei and Chen Ke have no emotional line. He even discussed with the director for a long time and denied the emotional line between Chen Ke and Li Fei. So there should be no such bloody plot in TV series.

Is Chen Ke and Li Fei together? In the ending of ice breaking, Chen Ke and Li Fei are not together, because Li Fei has no emotional line in the play. Many people make complaints about Chen Ke's personal establishment. It is estimated that she is in the relationship with Li Fei because she is Li Fei's girlfriend, so she should not be so close to Li Fei. But don't forget, she first knew Li Fei, before becoming sung Yang's girlfriend. She was Li Fei's friend.

In fact, Chen Ke's personality is not a big problem. The problem lies in the actors, because the actors interpret Chen Ke's dependence on Li Fei as emotion. Because of her acting skills, she has no emotion for Song Yang, but likes Li Fei. If this kind of acting is put in the ordinary play, maybe there is nothing wrong with it, but the play "ice breaking" is full of strength, and acting is just acting. Compared with Chen Ke, it feels a little out of place, and other people are the original voice, only she is the dubbing, which is another slot.