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What's the end of ice breaking operation Ma Yunbo? Is Ma Yunbo a good man

The TV series "ice breaking operation" is on the air. The identity of Ma Yunbo in the play is very suspicious. Is Ma Yunbo a good man or a bad man? What happened to Ma Yunbo in the end? What's the end of ice breaking operation Ma Yunbo? Let's take a look.

What's the end of Ma Yunbo's ice breaking operation

In operation ice breaking, Ma Yunbo takes Li Fei and Lin Yaodong to the seaside and shoots himself.

The ice breaking TV series Ma Yunbo is the umbrella of the drug making gang. In the end, Li Fei and others discovered that Ma Yunbo has a close relationship with the drug dealers. In the end, the whole gang and the umbrella of the gang were destroyed, and Ma Yunbo also got the punishment he deserved.

Ice breaking action TV series are adapted from real cases. They are broadcast on iqiyi and CCTV, with two episodes updated every day. The ice breaking TV series tells the story of two generations of anti drug police who are not afraid of sacrifice, tearing apart the intricate underground drug net woven by local drug dealers, breaking through many mysteries, and dedicating their blood and life to the special operation of "thunder anti drug". The play is starred by Wu Gang, Wang Jinsong, Huang Jingyu, Zhang Xilin, Li Mozhi and Ren Dahua.

Is Ma Yunbo a good man

In ice breaking, Ma Yunbo is not a good man, but one of Lin Yaodong's protective umbrellas.

"Ice breaking" TV series Ma Yunbo may be a bad guy, but it should not be the biggest boss. Ma Yunbo knew that Li Fei had caught Lin Shengwen, so he asked Lin Shengwen if he had said anything. Li Fei didn't say anything. It seemed that he didn't believe Ma Yunbo. Li Fei is in the hospital. Ma Yunbo asks Chen Guangrong to ask for someone. If Li Fei is suspected of being involved in drugs, Ma Yunbo should not be directly in charge. Ma Yunbo's robbing behavior makes people guess whether Ma Yunbo has any purpose.

Ma Yunbo, as the director of the Bureau, has become an umbrella behind the scenes. It is enough for people to buy him with 3 million yuan. On the other hand, Ma Yunbo may have an intersection with drug dealers because of his wife. Ma Yunbo's wife, Yu Hui, may be addicted to drugs because Ma Yunbo was shot. Ma Yunbo may become an insider because of Yu Hui.