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Do you want to be a master of English

Today, English has become the open door for us to go to the international community. To master English well, we must start with words. The amount of words determines the level of communication and use. Only by expanding our vocabulary can we go on in all aspects of English. So, how can I improve my English vocabulary? Next, I will give you three ways to remember words.

The first method is comparative memory. By comparing memory, we can know the difference between the two words more deeply, so as to deepen our impression of the words we need to remember. This kind of contrast method can be well applied to memorizing words. For example, changing a vowel word can transform different words: ball, bell, bil. Similar to this way, we can master the connection between different words more systematically and comprehensively, which makes it no longer difficult for us to remember words.

The second method is associative memory. Association is the basis of memory. By means of association memory, we can give full play to our imagination to construct the relationship between words and different things, so that we can deepen our understanding of words according to our own imagination, so as to memorize those new words more creatively. This will not only make the process of memorizing words more interesting, but also strengthen our real mastery of words Degree. From here to there, from point to face, we can remember more words at the same time through association in the process of remembering a word. For example, the new word bake (vt. bake, bake) uses associative memory to make (make) cakes and bake (bake) by the lake. In a similar way, we can write down the words vividly.

The third method is classified memory. In the face of such a large number of words, if we take the method of scrambling the memory one by one, it will appear some difficulties. For this reason, we can memorize words in different categories. This can make the process of memorizing words more systematic and clear. For example, we can summarize by color, learning supplies, daily necessities, etc., and also classify by subject name, time, number, season, etc. Use this method of classification. When we learn a new word, we can also learn the similar words related to it by the way.