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When dysmenorrhea breaks out, what method is intolerable to can fast acesodyne?

Dysmenorrhea is something that every girl is not willing to face. Once dysmenorrhea occurs, we will suffer from both physical and mental torture. At this time, not only will the pain in the lower abdomen be intolerable, even the waist will be pulled up and hurt, and the whole person will become very weak and weak, straight sweating. At this time, do we have any good way to relieve dysmenorrhea? Don't worry. I'll teach you some ways to relieve pain according to my own experience.

The first method is hot compress. Menstruation, we should pay great attention to keep warm, dysmenorrhea is often caused by dysmenorrhea. At this time, we can help speed up blood circulation and promote the discharge of menstrual blood by hot compress on the abdomen, such as hot water bag, warm baby, moxa stick, etc. At the same time, it can relax the muscles of dysmenorrhea, especially the spasm and hyperemia of pelvis, which can help us relieve the feeling of dysmenorrhea.

The second method is massage. Massage of the abdomen can also help us to relieve the pain. The specific method is to fold hands on the abdomen, press the abdomen tightly, and massage the abdomen at the frequency of about 10 times / minute until the fever in the abdomen is felt, which can increase the blood supply of the internal organs of the abdomen, promote the microcirculation in the abdomen, and help us to play the role of pain relieving and menstruation regulating.

The third method is painkillers. This method is the last resort for patients with severe dysmenorrhea. The general dysmenorrhea population should not use painkillers easily, because painkillers will have side effects on the human body and will form dependence after a long time. When the pain is unbearable, we can take it under the doctor's order.

The above three methods introduced by Xiaobian are all based on their own experience, and they are believed to play a certain role in relieving pain and relieving pain for people with dysmenorrhea in a special period. However, dysmenorrhea is not a problem that can be cured in a short time. If you want to solve it thoroughly, you'd better take long-term conditioning with traditional Chinese medicine..