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Is it better to blow air conditioner or blower fan in summer? Precautions for blowing air conditione

The summer weather is hot, there are two kinds of common tools for relieving summer heat, namely air conditioning and electric fan. So the following details for you in summer blowing air conditioning or blower fan good and other matters, I hope to help you.

Is it better to blow air conditioner or blower fan in summer

About the summer air conditioning or fan is good, in fact, should be based on their own situation or hot environment to make adjustments, choose the right tools. Air conditioning refrigeration is good, but the circulation is poor. Although the cooling effect of the fan is not as good as that of the air conditioner, the ventilation is good.

For this reason, it is suggested that the air conditioner and fan can be rotated in hot summer, so as to achieve good refrigeration effect and maintain indoor ventilation and air circulation.

How to blow air conditioner dry

1. Regular window ventilation

The use of air conditioning must pay attention to ventilation, should open the window every day, turn off the air conditioning, ventilation, so that the room to maintain a certain amount of fresh air. Or in the process of turning on the air conditioner, open a gap to ensure the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. In addition, the purchase of air conditioning may wish to choose a better role in the exchange of air.

2. Indoor humidifier

In summer, the air-conditioned room is very dry, and the humidifier sprays the added water into the air by high-frequency oscillation to increase the humidity of the air, which can help to increase the humidity of the air. Or put basin water in the air-conditioned room. However, the moisture content of water mist released by humidifier is very low, and the radiation range is limited.

3. Raise some flowers and plants

Indoor raise some potted plants (root directly in the water), such as Fugui bamboo, through plant humidification, air humidity will be relatively improved. However, experts also said that indoor plants should not be too many, generally a room can be one or two pots, and remember to often water plants.

4. Indoor culture of ornamental fish

The main purpose of raising ornamental fish in the house is to improve the air humidity, because there will be a fish tank in which there is more water. If there is water, it may evaporate. After evaporation, the water vapor will make the air humidity rise.

Matters needing attention of blowing air conditioner for a long time in summer

1. To avoid air conditioning injury, every 1 hour to outdoor activities, in order to facilitate the normal activities of the body. When you turn on the air conditioner, it's best to keep the room temperature at about 26 degrees Celsius. Women in the air-conditioned room must wear socks, even silk stockings, to avoid cold and pain in their feet.

2. Pay attention to the placement of the air conditioner. If the air outlet of the air conditioner blows directly to the sofa or bed in the living room, the air conditioner will make the body cold. It's better to install the air conditioner above the bed to avoid direct blowing of the air conditioner to people.

3. Clean the air conditioner regularly. There are many flocculent attachments on the air conditioning dust filter net, among which fungi, dandruff and dust mites can cause allergic skin diseases or induce asthma. If people stay in such air-conditioned room for a long time, they will feel dizzy, nauseous and even induce respiratory diseases.

4. Do not face the air outlet of the air conditioner. When blowing the air conditioner, do not face the air outlet of the air conditioner. Because the air conditioning outlet of the air conditioning is relatively large, and directly blowing on the body, easy to get cold.

5. Open the window regularly for ventilation, and pay attention to the ventilation when using the air conditioner. It is suggested to open the window regularly every day and turn off the air conditioner to let the fresh air circulate. Especially in the crowded environment, it's better to turn off the air conditioner and ventilate the room after using for a period of time, which can avoid the respiratory tract infection caused by poor ventilation.