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How to get back to tightening the eyes? How to get rid of the pouch

When a woman reaches a certain age, if she doesn't strengthen the maintenance, she is likely to have pouch problems. The eye is the most important aspect to see a person's age. The broken eye bag will not only make us very old, but also make us look listless and lose the glamorous luster. How to solve the problem of pouch? Next, we will teach you how to eliminate eye bags and return to young eyes.

The first way is to wash your face alternately with hot and cold water. In the ordinary washing process, we can use hot water to remove the dirt on our face once, the water temperature is about 35 ℃, and then use cold water to wash again, so that we can alternate three times. This hot and cold water alternation method can make our skin around the eyes tight, enhance the elasticity of the skin, promote the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, so as to change our loose eye bags.

The second method -- Eye Cream Moisturizing method. Eye skin laxity, eye bags are mostly due to water shortage of eye skin. For this, we can buy a bottle of moisturizing eye cream and apply it in the right way after cleansing every night. While daubing and massaging the eyes, after a period of time, the skin condition of our eyes will be significantly improved, and the loose eye bags will obviously disappear.

The third method is ice application of cucumber slices. Cucumber is a good product for beauty and beauty. Many of our girls use it. Similarly, we can prepare a fresh cucumber and refrigerate it for half an hour. After that, take it out and cut it into small slices evenly, which will fit better and make the skin around the eyes absorb more nutrition. Apply the cucumber slices evenly around the eyes and take them off after about 10 minutes. This method can help our skin around the eyes to replenish enough water, make the skin more elastic under the support of water, and improve the relaxation of our eyes.