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What certificate do you need to apply for to open a supermarket? Do you need a food circulation cert

Many people ask what kind of certificate do you need to apply for to open a supermarket? Do you need a food circulation certificate to open a supermarket? Here, Xiaobian can clearly say that you need to apply for a food circulation license to open a supermarket. If you don't have a food circulation license, your business license won't be applied for. So how to deal with the food circulation license? The following is a summary of the relevant experience of Xiaobian, let's understand it together.

Extended information:

Processing conditions:

(1) When applying for a food circulation license, the following materials shall be submitted:

1. Application for food circulation license;

2. A copy of the notice of name pre approval;

3. Relevant certificates of legal use of business premises;

4. Identification of the person in charge;

5. Power of attorney and identity certificate of the entrusted agent or designated representative;

6. Food safety management system;

7. List of food business equipment suitable for its business activities;

8. Provide copies of health certificates and health regulations training certificates for food employees;

9. The operator applying for dairy products project shall also submit the certificate and written statement of the account opening bank;

10. Identification of full-time or part-time food safety management personnel (certificate of junior high school education or above and certificate of training qualification);

11. Other materials required by the industrial and commercial department.

(2) If a business operator with subject qualification applies for increasing food circulation items in the business items, it is necessary to submit the original and copy of the duplicate of the business license instead of the copy of the notice of name pre approval. The original copy of the business license shall be returned after examination on the spot.