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Garlic prices soar what? I'm worried about the future market trend

Garlic prices soar what? I'm worried about the future market trend? With the wantonly requisition of land in recent years, the available land is reduced. Even wheat, corn, melons, fruits and vegetables are decreasing year by year. Although prices are rising, even garlic is sold for 1.18 yuan. What's the reason?

What is the reason for the price rise of garlic this year?

This year, the price of garlic did rise by a large margin, at least four times more than when the new garlic came into the market last year. At that time, the price of garlic was only 0.3-0.5 yuan / kg, and it was still unsalable. Nowadays, the price of garlic is at least 1.90 yuan, most of which are more than 2 yuan. The price of ordinary garlic is about 2.5 yuan per catty, and the price of high-quality garlic is more than 4 yuan. So, what is the reason for the price rise of garlic this year? What is the market trend in the later period? Let's take a look at it today.

This year's garlic market is rising, because last year's price decline, resulting in the reduction of garlic planting area, garlic farmers hoard goods, cover plate reluctant to sell. In the second half of 2018, garlic planting area decreased, and middlemen and dealers hoarded. They believed that garlic production this year was lower than that of last year, and garlic prices would certainly rise this year. Garlic farmers also had the mentality of hoarding and reluctant to sell, resulting in tight garlic supply in the market, and deep processing enterprises had to increase their prices to purchase.

The price of garlic will rise before and after the Spring Festival every year, because garlic is an important condiment for our common people's table and restaurant. Chinese New Year is the best time to live a good life, so the consumption of garlic should be higher than other months of the year.

What is the market trend in the later period?

First of all, China's garlic storage is still running at a high level, and the market supply is sufficient. This price rise may be due to hoarders deliberately raising prices, waiting for opportunities to make profits. As small and medium-sized garlic farmers, they should take advantage of this price rise to ship decisively and avoid risks. With the rise of new garlic, the price of garlic is bound to be impacted, and the price of garlic may plunge.

Secondly, although the planting area of garlic this year is about 20% less than that of last year, the amount of garlic in stock last year is particularly huge, which also makes the price of garlic will not rise significantly. Unless garlic dealers engage in monopolistic speculation and deliberately raise the price of garlic.

Finally, for the later garlic price trend, if a large number of new Northern garlic market, the price will decline, the new garlic price should be able to reach 1.5 yuan per catty. Finally, I hope that garlic farmers don't cherish selling garlic. Now the price of garlic should reach the top. They should try their best to reduce the amount of storage and keep it safe. Of course, garlic prices will rise further in the second half of the year, it will take six months later.