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Can children have moxibustion? Who is not suitable for moxibustion

Now we have many ways of health, moxibustion is one of them, but we can not blindly follow, so children can moxibustion?

Can children have moxibustion

Generally, moxibustion can be started 3 to 6 months after birth. But also according to the specific constitution of children, and some babies can be born moxibustion. For those with poor constitution, early moxibustion and more moxibustion can be used. For those with strong constitution and good nutrition, late moxibustion and less moxibustion can be used. So whether a child can moxibustion depends on his own constitution.

What health preserving effect does moxibustion have

1. Harmonizing Qi and blood: Qi is the source of life, and blood is the material basis. If Qi and blood are sufficient and Qi is well organized, people's life activities will be normal; On the contrary, the disease will occur. Moxibustion can replenish qi and nourish blood, dredge Qi mechanism, and promote middle Qi to achieve the purpose of health care.

2. Warming and unblocking channels and collaterals: channels and collaterals are the channels of Qi and blood circulation in the human body. Unblocked channels and collaterals are conducive to the circulation of Qi and blood and the distribution of nutrients. If pathogenic factors invade the channels and collaterals and cause obstruction, diseases will be caused. Moxibustion can warm skin meridians, activate blood circulation and dredge collaterals with the help of its warm skin function, so as to achieve the effect of treating various diseases and syndromes caused by cold coagulation stagnation and obstruction of meridians and collaterals.

3. Regulating yin and Yang: the balance of yin and Yang in the human body is healthy, and the imbalance of yin and Yang will lead to disease. Moxibustion can restore the imbalance of yin and Yang.

4. Strengthening healthy qi and eliminating pathogenic factors: if healthy qi exists in the body, pathogenic factors can not be dried. Moxibustion can cultivate healthy qi of human body and enhance the ability of disease prevention and resistance by Moxibustion at some acupoints.

Who can't moxibustion

1. People who have no patience need to stick to moxibustion for a long time, even if it is 10 minutes a day, and the timing and quantity are the best, especially the warm moxibustion method. It is no longer necessary to select acupoints strictly according to the ancient meridian flow.

2. People who don't have perseverance give up when they see that some of their symptoms have improved. They think about cards, mahjong and women day and night.

3. People who have no time, no matter whether they have money or not, are busy all day, especially those who don't know what they are doing.

4. Timid people, after moxibustion to see the previous symptoms, immediately go to the hospital for a sling, take medicine infusion, as if the sky is going to fall down.

5. For patients with hypertension, although moxibustion is introduced in various professional books, it depends on the severity. The more reliable method is to control blood pressure first, and then select acupoints based on syndrome differentiation.