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Is it true that the more white hair is pulled out, the more white hair is turned into black hair

Is it true that the more white hair is pulled out, the more white hair is turned into black hair what's your reaction when you see that you have white hair? Unplug it? Someone nearby must tell you that it's true that you can unplug one piece of white hair and grow two pieces more and more. Is there any scientific basis for the more and more you unplug the white hair? What can you eat to grow black hair?

Hair is grown from hair follicles. The color of hair is determined by melanin secreted by hair mother cells in hair follicles. Melanin particles are large in number and density, and the hair is black, otherwise, the color is light. There are many reasons that affect the secretion of melanin. For example, the melanin produced by melanocytes will gradually decrease after the age of 40. Genetic factors, malnutrition, high mental pressure, lack of sleep and poor digestive function will also affect the secretion of melanin.

The reason why we think that the more white hair we pull out, the less melanin in our body, the more white hair we pull out, the more white hair we grow out of this hair follicle, and the more white hair we grow out of other hair follicles, the more illusion we see However, experts do not recommend pulling out the white hair randomly, because pulling out the hair may damage the hair root.

Partial reversibility of oligocephaly

Little white head is not uncommon in children. The first is that people with little white head have a family genetic history. Second, it is postnatal, caused by malnutrition, lack of protein and vitamin. In addition, excessive use of the brain, too much anxiety will also make children prematurely grow white hair. This kind of white hair is' reversible '. When the child can ensure adequate sleep, reduce pressure, properly supplement vitamins and microelements, supplemented by scalp massage, the number of these white hair will gradually decrease and then disappear.

Diet helps black hair

Experts suggest that white hair should be analyzed from itself and adjusted according to its own situation. They also suggest that eating more black beans, sesame, walnuts, mulberry, Lycium and other foods on a regular basis can slow down the growth of white hair. Middle aged people can eat more jujube, red beans, yam, etc.; while old people, liver and kidney deficiency is more, can eat more mulberry, wolfberry and other kidney tonic food.

White hair diet

1. Black sesame, also known as jute, is sweet, smooth and nontoxic.

Function: tonify the liver and kidney, moisten the five internal organs. Due to the deficiency of liver and kidney, it is suitable to have weak body, dry body and constipation, early white hair and premature senility, which have the effect of hairdressing.

How to eat: take black sesame 25 and mash it. Add some rice and cook it into congee. Take it once a day. It has a good effect on the white hair of "little white head". It can also be cooked with kelp. 30g black sesame and 60g japonica rice. First, wash the black sesame seeds, dry them, fry them and grind them, then cook congee with japonica rice and water. This porridge has the function of nourishing the liver and kidney and moistening the five internal organs. It is suitable for weak body and early white hair.

2. Lycium barbarum is sweet, smooth and nontoxic.

Function: tonify the liver and kidney, and have therapeutic effect on dizziness and early white hair caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

Method of consumption: decoct soup and stew, 9-15g each time; boil cream and soak wine or put into pill or powder.

How to do with more and more white hair?

3. 30-60g of Opuntia congee and Polygonum multiflorum, 5 red dates, 10g of brown sugar and 60g of Japonica rice.

First put the Polygonum multiflorum into a small casserole, fry the juice, remove the residue, and then put in the cleaned japonica rice and red dates, add some water to cook the porridge, and then add brown sugar to the porridge This porridge has the functions of nourishing blood and liver, strengthening essence and kidney, and tonifying hair. It is suitable for people who have grey hair and yellow hair.

Prevention of white hair

1. Pay attention to the adjustment of diet, do not eat partial food, eat more miscellaneous grains, beans, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin food, animal liver, persimmon, tomato, potato, spinach and high protein food such as peanuts and eggs with more copper.

2. This disease does not mean premature aging, so we do not need to worry about it. We should keep a peaceful mind, open-minded and cheerful, happy spirit, work and rest, and avoid mental stimulation and tension.

3. Actively treat all kinds of chronic diseases and eliminate the obstacle of melanin granule formation.