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How to identify Chanel clothes? Introduction of Chanel clothing identification method

Cocoa & middot; Founded in Paris in 1913, Chanel has become a part of fashion notes. Its simple, noble and natural design style continues to this day. Such a big brand will not appear fake and shoddy, so how to identify Chanel clothes? Chanel clothes to identify the true and false methods to understand.

Genuine product identification:

Double C: on the buttons of Chanel's clothes or the clasps of leather goods, it's easy to find the logo designed by overlapping the double C of Coco Chanel, which is the 'spiritual symbol' that makes Chanel fans crazy.

Diamond pattern: since the first generation of Chanel Leather has been more and more popular, its three-dimensional diamond pattern has gradually become one of Chanel's symbols and has been used in Chanel's new clothing and leather products. Later, it was even used in the design of watches, especially in the 'matelassee' series. The K-gold and stainless steel metal strap even formed a three-dimensional 'diamond pattern'.

Camellia: camellia is the national flower of Chanel kingdom. Whether it is spring or summer or autumn or winter, in addition to being designed as Camellia ornaments of various materials, it is more often used in cloth patterns of clothing.

Distinguish true from false:

1. Chanel bag - cortex

Most Chanel is made of sheepskin (or calfskin). The leather is dark and concave and convex. Chanel bag's body is very upright, there will be no collapse. In particular, sheepskin bags not only feel good, but also have a kind of original skin flavor. Fake Chanel is not made of sheepskin. The leather has high reflection and poor elasticity; The texture of the cowhide bag is clear, the sense of grain is obvious, and it has a comfortable original skin flavor, crisp and stylish

2. Chanel bag - Logo

Genuine Chanel logo is mostly gold-plated, and the gold-plated is very thick. Fake logo gold plating is thin, although the color looks very bright gold, but easy to fade. At the same time, the authentic metal parts are of fine workmanship and heavy quality. If there are lettering or lines on them, the lines are delicate and clear;

3. Chanel bag - zipper

Most genuine Chanel zippers have a jewelry themed clasp at the hook chain, usually the early lion head or the famous double C-shape. The weight of genuine zipper is heavy, the zipper is exquisite and the density is moderate.

4. Chanel bag - inside

The words "made in France / Italy" and "gilded Chanel" can be seen in the genuine chanel bag. There is a small sticker inside the bag. The sticker is printed with the number printed by the computer, which is the same as the number on the ID card and the number on the original box. The fake stickers will have marks of alteration, and the number is typed on the electric typewriter.