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Want to repair the scratches on your phone? Teach you some practical and effective tips

Today's mobile phones are all smart phones, which are operated by clicking with our hands. In the long run, mobile phones will naturally have scratches. How can we quickly repair these scratches? Next, I'll introduce some tips for quick repair of mobile phone scratches. Let's take a look.

First of all, I'd like to introduce to you the first little trick, which is toothpaste. There should be a lot of people who know or have used it, so I will give you a brief introduction to the specific use of it. With a small cloth, the glasses cloth is a good choice. Wet one side a little, squeeze a little toothpaste on it, wipe it back on the screen of the mobile phone several times, and then clean the screen with the other side of the cloth. When you look at your mobile phone again, you will find that there are no previous words.

Next, Xiaobian will introduce the second trick, which is edible oil. If there are scratches on your screen, you can drop a few drops of cooking oil where there are scratches. Wipe the screen gently with a clean and soft cloth or soft toilet paper, and the previous scratches will disappear. It's just a scratch that doesn't apply to a large area. If your phone has only a little scratch, you can use cooking oil.

In the end, the editor will introduce the third trick, which is polishing paste. Wet the cloth and squeeze out the water. If you don't apply a little polishing paste, polish the scratched area gently with the cloth. Remember that you can't polish it with great force, otherwise it will affect the flatness of your mobile screen. In the process of polishing, it is necessary to observe whether the cloth is wet or not at any time. If it is not wet, it is necessary to add some water and ensure the humidity of the cloth. After polishing, you will be able to return your screen to its original smooth appearance.