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47 students, 45 were beaten, one beat all over the class, the invincible hand is too arrogant

Original title: 45 of 47 students in a class were beaten. Is it really just 'bumping'?

The parents of a class in grade four of a primary school in Shenzhen jointly asked to dissuade a student. The reason was that the student had beaten almost all the students since grade one. Some were stabbed on the forehead by a ballpoint pen, while others were bleeding in the eyes. The school said that this is the compulsory education stage, also very confused. Parents of the students involved: it's just a collision between the children.

In the content of the program "view of the world by law" broadcast on May 22, the parents of a class in grade four of a primary school in Shenzhen jointly asked the school to persuade a student to quit because the student had been beating his classmates since grade one, and almost all of them had been beaten by him. The school said it had set up a working group and was dealing with it. The parents of the students involved said that the children only had different ways of communication, which was a "bump" between the children, and refused to take the children to the hospital for examination.

From the first grade of primary school, the student has been beating people. It is common for both men and women to attack suddenly without any conflict and spit on their classmates for no reason. Some students interviewed said that almost all of the students in the class had been beaten by him; even the students who had just transferred to the class also said that because the seats were arranged in the back of the student, they could not escape from being beaten often, and even said that all those who sat in the back suffered.

If the students resist and even tell the teacher the situation, the consequences will be even worse. In an interview with reporters, parent Ms. Yang said that her son's face and body were covered with scratches. What's more serious is that the classmate who should hit someone would still "use weapons". Her son was once stabbed at his forehead with a ballpoint pen and even poked a hole.

The student's "attack target" changed from time to time, and the recent target was a female student, whose left eye was hit to bleeding.

On weekdays, students have no way to take him, and reporting to the teacher will only lead to a worse end, but what's more surprising is that even the teacher has no way to take him. Some parents said that when the student was in class, he would leave his seat if he wanted to, and make trouble if he wanted to. Moreover, he would run to the blackboard to wipe out the knowledge that the teacher was writing, and the teacher could not control the 'free will' student.

With so many behaviors that affect other students and destroy the learning environment, parents have no choice but to see their children who don't like to make trouble. They have to take one or two scars home every day when they go to school. They have no choice but to organize other parents to report to the school, hoping that the school can protect most students and dissuade them.

The principal told reporters that the school is also confused. The student is in the stage of nine-year compulsory education, and the school has the obligation to accept every child of the right age. Li Xilin, a spokesman for the school, said that the school is studying how to balance the rights and interests of the case students and other students. For fear of worsening the problem, the school has not made any specific solutions at this stage, such as isolating the case study I'm a student. Only reflect the students' problems to the parents, and suggest the parents take him to the hospital for relevant examination.

However, the parents of the case student refused to go to the hospital for examination, believing that his child was only different from other children in the way of communication and expression. In an interview, the parents said that their children are very honest and timid. The beating is just a 'bump' between the children. Refusing to check is not that they are unwilling to go, nor that they are unwilling to face the results of the check, but that they think it is unnecessary, and that they do not want their children to check in order to prove that they have no problems.

In this regard, most netizens think that they can't understand the way the school handles it--

But what's most unacceptable is that the head of the family, knowing that the child has been beaten many times, continues to delay the child's going to the hospital for examination or even treatment on the ground that there must be some bumps between the children--