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Do you need to remove makeup when applying sunscreen? How to remove makeup and clean with sunscreen

Do you need to remove make-up when you apply sunscreen? You must remove make-up when you use sunscreen. In order to prevent sweating and reduce sunscreen effect, most sunscreens have oil-resistant ingredients. General facial cleansers may not be able to wash clean, so you still need to remove make-up for the sake of safety.

How to remove makeup with sunscreen

Now the common sunscreen on the market are chemical sunscreen, physical sunscreen and physicochemical sunscreen. Different types of sunscreen play different roles, and the corresponding cleaning methods are also different.

Physical sunscreen: physical sunscreen adds some powder materials in it, which belongs to waterproof sunscreen. The skin will fix the powder on the skin all day, which may block the pores. Therefore, it is recommended to remove makeup and use cleanser first, so as to ensure the normal metabolism of skin cells.

Chemical sunscreen: through chemical sunscreen to absorb ultraviolet rays, these ingredients can be used with facial cleanser. The surfactants in the cleanser can take away the chemical sunscreen; so there's no need to remove makeup.

Combination of physical and chemical sunscreen: this only depends on the mixed proportion of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Heavy sunscreen with high power is recommended to remove makeup, light sunscreen with low power is recommended to clean with facial cleanser, or directly choose the two in one product of removing makeup and cleaning.

Generally speaking, the general sunscreen does not need to remove makeup, and can be washed clean with facial cleanser. But if you are using waterproof sunscreen, it is recommended to use makeup remover before using facial cleanser.