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How do children spend their children's day? How to give children an unforgettable children's Day

Six days before children's day, is it time for children to celebrate their children's day? Is it time for parents to consider how to give their children an unforgettable children's day?

How to celebrate children's day?

Give children what they like


A child's nature is more playful. Once a year, on a special children's festival, the child must be very happy to give him a toy gift he usually yearns for. Moreover, the toys are constantly innovating, many of which are integrated with new elements suitable for children's growth. In such a festival, giving children such a gift is definitely a good choice.


Today's children should pay attention to cultivating their interest from childhood. Giving them a piece of educational toys can not only satisfy their childlike innocence, but more importantly, they can develop their intelligence while they are happy.


Children prefer cartoons. Disney can say that every child likes cartoons. Now many toys are integrated with the elements of Disney Mickey Mouse. Giving such a gift can not only stimulate their interest, but also make them have a better vision of happiness.

Organizing toy exchange

Today's post-80s parents will never be soft handed to pay for their children's toys, but there are too many toys at home, which will also become a small worry. Soon after an expensive toy is bought, it may be abandoned by children who like the new and dislike the old.

Today's children, living in the space of cement grid, are no longer interested in "crazy play" with their former friends. How to get along with children of the same age has become a hidden worry for many parents.

If we organize a toy exchange mobilization, we can make these sleeping toys shine again, cultivate children's low-carbon awareness from childhood, create a good communication environment for children, and cultivate their social skills. Kill two birds with one stone, why not?

DIY low carbon toys

Do you still remember the three "little benches" that Einstein made when he was a child? Do you still remember the little paper man that he worked hard but cut carelessly? Even a paper kite that never flew in the sky pasted in a newspaper once fascinated you for a whole afternoon. You don't know. At that time, you started to be 'low-carbon', and 'low-carbon' toys fascinated you more than the cars you bought on the street.

Why don't you take your child and join hands with him to finish a small toy that was not finished in that year? In the tide of plastic toys full of process design, our 'handcraft' is the king of toys.

You can collect all kinds of waste materials, waste newspapers, plastic bottles, packaging belts, foam boxes, as to what constitutes "Pocket Monster", it depends on your imagination and your baby's imagination. Here is the simplest clock making tutorial:

1, prepare a foam box and a tack.

2. Stick a piece of white paper on the surface of the foam box.

3. Write the numbers on the white paper according to the clock pattern, cut out the long and short needles with waste paper, and fix them with thumbtack.

Take the children to plant trees

Planting trees may not surprise us adults, but it may be the first time for many children. Children always have a love of playing for things they haven't experienced. It's really meaningful to combine education with entertainment.

Planting trees is a physical work. If you want to plant trees seriously, you may have to climb mountains and exercise. A child is too weak to complete all aspects of tree planting, but he can be a little assistant. In the process of tree planting, the child may ask questions such as the structure of the tree and the function of the root. At this time, a biology class can begin. Of course, as a parent, you must be ready to recharge in advance.

To say the location, Qinling is the most ideal, but the scenery is pleasant, mountaineering also interesting.

Time is tight, can not travel, local materials, learn to plant a 'grass' or. Let children understand the value of respecting and caring for life. The significance of this is far greater than the happiness brought about by "tossing".