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Who can't eat salted duck eggs? These people must be kept away

What kind of people can't eat salted duck eggs? As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, in addition to commemorating Qu Yuan, we should also avoid the five poisons. Salted duck eggs are salty and slightly cold. They can nourish yin and clear lung. They can cure diaphragmatic fever, cough, sore throat, toothache, diarrhea and other diseases in summer. It is a tradition since ancient times to eat salted duck eggs on the Dragon Boat Festival. So who can't eat salted duck eggs?

What kind of people can't eat salted duck eggs

High quality salted duck eggs have moderate salinity and delicious taste, suitable for all ages. Moreover, duck eggs are cool, especially suitable for those with Yin deficiency and fire. However, the cholesterol content of duck egg yolk is even higher than that of eggs. Also, duck eggs are high in salt. Therefore, some people should be alert when eating:

1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients

Salted duck eggs are generally high in salt, just like pickles. Too much salt will lead to high blood pressure, which virtually increases the pressure on the blood vessel wall. The blood vessels in the state of long-term excessive tension will accelerate aging. Therefore, cardiovascular patients had better eat less salted duck eggs.

2. Diabetics

Diabetics are at a higher risk of elevated blood pressure. If you don't pay attention to salt control, the incidence of some troublesome complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney damage and eye problems will increase dramatically compared with patients with only hypertension and diabetes. Therefore, we should eat less salty duck eggs with high salt content.

3. Hyperlipidemia patients

The same as hyperlipidemia, should eat less salt, light is appropriate. Eating too much salt or high salt food will lay a hidden danger for the occurrence of hyperlipidemia. In addition, for people with hyperlipidemia, controlling the intake of cholesterol in diet is an important measure to control dyslipidemia. A variety of common egg yolks on the table, such as egg yolk, duck yolk, quail yolk, contain a lot of cholesterol. Friends of patients with hyperlipidemia should pay attention to eat eggs at most 2-3 times a week.

4. Patients with liver and kidney diseases

The same is true for patients with liver and kidney diseases. There are two main ways to metabolize salt: one is excreted in the form of sweat through the pores of the whole body, and the other is excreted in the form of urine through the kidneys. Salt plays a lot of important roles in the human body, so it's better to eat salt properly, which will hurt the kidneys.

For example, nephritis patients' renal excretion function is impaired, the extracellular fluid of sodium salt increases, osmotic pressure increases, at this point * to absorb and retain moisture, so that water molecules in cell retention, resulting in edema. Therefore, patients with acute nephritis should eat a low salt or salt free diet to avoid the increase of sodium salt in extracellular fluid, retain water, increase blood volume and aggravate hypertension.

5. Deficiency of Spleen Yang and dysentery due to cold dampness

Duck eggs are cold, spleen yang deficiency, cold dampness dysentery is best not to eat. People with insufficient Spleen Yang usually have pale complexion, chilly limbs, abdominal distension, cold feeling, vomiting water, poor stomach intake, or indigestion after intake, like hot drink, loose stool, clear and long urine, etc.

6. Pregnant women

The salt content of salted duck eggs is high, pregnant women should try to eat less. During pregnancy, if you eat salty food for a long time and eat too much salt, it will not only lead to pregnancy induced hypertension and edema, but also adverse to the growth and development of the baby.