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The British Prime Minister is going to resign. Why did aunt may resign

Original title: what happened to the British Prime Minister's resignation? Why did British Prime Minister Theresa may resign

According to foreign media, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on May 24 that she would step down as chairman of the British Conservative Party on June 7, but will continue to be prime minister until her successor is confirmed. A successor is likely to push for a more decisive brexit deal.

According to the website of voice of Germany on May 24, may said that it is in the best national interest for Britain to withdraw from the European Union under the leadership of another prime minister.

May said in her speech that the election for the head of the Conservative Party in Britain will start on June 10. German media said that in view of the current situation, it is former foreign secretary Johnson who is expected to win the throne. He is also one of the most determined agitators on the issue of brexit. In addition to him, there are about ten people who will participate in the competition.

May also said that the brexit referendum held in June 2016 was' an appeal for complete change in our country. All parties must be willing to compromise in order to reach a consensus on brexit.

'compromise is not a dirty word, life depends on it. May finished her speech with tears in her eyes.

According to the report, the British House of Commons has so far rejected the brexit agreement reached between Theresa & middot; May and the European Union three times. It was originally scheduled to hold a fourth vote in Parliament in the near future, but now it seems that it will not take place. There are still great doubts about whether the brexit deadline agreed by Mei and the EU at the latest by the end of October this year can be implemented. Britain may be about to leave without a deal.

However, from June 3 to 5 this year, US President trump will visit the UK, when may will continue to receive trump as British Prime Minister.

According to Reuters on May 24, Theresa & middot; may resigned without fulfilling her core commitment, which she promised to lead the UK out of the EU and bridge differences.

Theresa & middot; may has experienced various crises and suffered humiliation in her efforts to find a compromise brexit agreement that can be approved by parliament, the report said. She left her successor with a deeply divided country and a group of political elites deadlocked over how, when and whether to leave Europe.

According to the report, Theresa & middot; May's resignation will deepen the brexit crisis, because the new leaders may want to exit the EU more decisively, thus increasing the risk of conflict with the EU and early parliamentary elections.