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Start growing fat in winter? In this way, you can lose weight even in winter

I believe that we all have this feeling that in winter we will eat more and more, but we can't help seeing ourselves fatter and fatter. What's going on? It turns out that in winter, you need to eat 10% more fat than you used to, so that you can increase your body's calories and avoid cold. Therefore, the problem in front of us has become a problem that is easy to get fat in winter. How can we keep our body light in winter? Next, Xiaobian will teach you a few ways to get thinner in winter.

The first way is to get up in the morning and take a bath. In the morning, our body starts the metabolism of the day, and then enjoys a beautiful shower, which can not only relax our body and mind, make our spirit Fuller, but also promote the blood circulation of the body, and help us lose weight

Second, eat more hot food and drink tea often. In the cold winter, eating more hot food can help us keep warm, accelerate our metabolism, and help us lose weight. In addition, drinking more tea can also play the role of exhausting our body's excess fat, especially the tea made of lotus leaf, cassia seed and other natural herbs, not only has the effect of removing greasiness of general tea, but also can inhibit the generation of body fat, promote the combustion of body fat, effectively control the rebound, let us completely get rid of fat, and become a person who can be thin by drinking tea.

Third, chew carefully and swallow slowly. In winter, our bodies need more food to replenish energy in order to keep warm. At this time, our appetite is often larger, but if we can chew slowly, then we can lose weight. Slowing down our diet is more conducive to our digestion, but also reduce our food intake, because slow eating is easier to increase our sense of fullness. So, if you want to lose weight, start by chewing slowly.