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What do you say about the speech on children's day? Three examples of speeches on children's Day

Children's Day is coming. I think many primary school students are looking forward to the holiday. We know that many schools will perform in the morning of children's day. In the afternoon, they will let the primary school students under the age of 14 rest for half a day. Then, as teachers and principals, they will also give speeches on children's day before the program starts. Here are two examples of speeches on children's day. Come and have a look!

Speech on children's day, speech on June 1 children's Day

Chapter 1: speech on children's Day

Speech on June 1, XX, Experimental Primary School

Dear leaders, distinguished guests, dear teachers and students

Good morning, everyone!

The sunshine in June is dreamy, and the sunshine in June is colorful. We gather together with a sunny mood to celebrate the children's Festival - "June 1" International Children's day. Here, on behalf of all the teachers and students, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the leaders who attended the celebration meeting, express my heartfelt thanks to all the people from all walks of life who support the development of the school and care about the cause of children, pay high respect to all the teachers who are healthy, selfless and hard-working for the students, and express the warmest Festival congratulations to the children!

Students, 'June 1' is your happy festival. With your beautiful dancing and loud singing, dance and sing to your heart's content.

June 1 is a day of growth. Children grow up and mature day by day. Your healthy growth is the hope of the family, the pride of the school and the future of the society. Your all-round development will make our great motherland full of strength.

June 1 is a day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving parents, they give us life, raise us; Thanksgiving teachers, they give us ideals, teach us to think, lead us to grow; Thanksgiving motherland, is the prosperity of the motherland, bring us national confidence and national pride. Be grateful to your competitors and make you more intelligent and strong in the competition. A word of love, a kind smile, a little help inadvertently, a relief of gratitude and resentment, the arrival of harmony, we should learn to be grateful for everything!

Children's day, also known as international children's day, is held on June 1 every year. It is a festival for children all over the world. In November 1949, the International Federation of democratic women held a council meeting in Moscow. Representatives of China and other countries angrily exposed the crimes of killing and poisoning children by imperialists and reactionaries in various countries. In order to protect children's rights of survival, health care and education, and to improve children's lives, the conference decided to take June 1 as the international children's day.

June 1 is a day to miss. In memory of those small lives lost in wars and natural disasters, and of those moments that were born in the course of history. We can't forget the story of the little "children's group" in Chinese history. We can't forget the strong lives one by one in the earthquake. We can't forget the tender hands when we donated with love. Forgetting history is tantamount to betrayal! The value of nostalgia lies not in memory, but in pursuit and thinking! The dead are gone, and the living are stronger! Cherish life, pursue dreams, release hope, and give birth to strength!

Students, a strong youth makes a strong country, and a prosperous youth makes a prosperous country. You are young people in the new century, the future of our motherland depends on you to create, I hope you cherish this good time, learn, learn, learn again, with real talent to revitalize our great motherland!

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks again to all the leaders and guests present at today's conference. I wish the June 1 art show a complete success! Thank you!

Chapter 2: to children's Day

Begonia and rose are all over the land, tender and tender seedlings, green leaves and shade propagation

Try to learn filial piety today, bear wisdom bravely in Ming Dynasty

China's rise and dream come true

Chapter 3: Children's day to friends

Hello everyone!

First of all, I wish you a happy children's Day! Good health! Good luck! Everything goes well

Looking back on the motivation of inviting you to join the group to talk about the vicissitudes of life, there were both impulse and consideration. Impulse can be seen as a kind of conditioned reflection after the attempt to win the leadership position in the unit; thinking mainly refers to thinking about the leadership ability, always feeling that their excellent leadership ability should not be buried; the conclusion after careful consideration is to create a chat group completely controlled by themselves. On the one hand, it can satisfy my strong desire for power, and on the other hand, it can also provide netizens who are good at bullshit with a chance to cast a net to catch fish or get shot. However, due to the progress of the times and the improvement of humanistic quality, I decided to pull out quality eggs, catch delicious fish for fishing, and get a valuable bullet for shooting. Therefore, I have to choose a group of people with considerable cultural accomplishment to accept my leadership and endure my devastation. Of course, they often tease me, often challenge my authority, and even secretly plot to replace me for many times, but they are all solved by me one by one. Although the undercurrent in the group has been surging, on the surface, our group is still a harmonious, United, friendly and effective group. If we organize a network excellent group competition, I believe our group can at least win the first prize. Because I am not talented, but also like to use Chinese couplets to express feelings, so special emphasis on cultural connectivity, especially welcome literati friends into the group. For this reason, some of our most bullshit management decided to name our group "secular culture", which means no matter what is vulgar or elegant, as long as it has connotation.

Since the establishment of the group, we have always abided by the principles of strict admission, lenient boasting and free exit. We have always adhered to the professional ethics of not making rumors, not believing in rumors and not spreading rumors. Through the day-to-day nonsense of all the members of the group, we have finally built our group into a large-scale, influential, tasteful and cultural part The glory of combat effectiveness, the great collective. However, we are not complacent, we have more ambitious goals, we have more beautiful dreams.

In order to make our group more successful and our group members go to a broader stage, we decided to open the group door and allow more people who love bullshit and are good at bullshit to join the group. Among them, we have also given careful training to those who have outstanding performance, because we believe that to achieve others is to achieve ourselves.

I remember when I opened the door to welcome the guests, I once made a brief summary of the members of the group. At that time, it was mainly for the convenience of new people's reference. If I take it out again today, I think it might be helpful for you to celebrate the festival. The full text is as follows

The existing members of this group include not only my old friends, but also new knowledge on the Internet; my upstream resources, but also my parents and clothers; rich businessmen, but also elites in the workplace; relatives and friends in Xinjiang, as well as friends in the mouth (the name of Xinjiang people for the mainland); industry experts, as well as newcomers in the workplace; some can turn stone into gold, some can make wonderful pen and flower; some stick to the rules, and some advocate freedom; some can make money from stone, and some can make wonderful pen and flower; Some people think that insipidity is true, others think that it's not a waste of life to make contributions; some people have endless desires, others think that pure mind is the realm.

Later friends, as well as those who have been in the group for a long time but have not had the opportunity to witness my brilliant summary, if you feel that you belong to one of the above categories, please don't be proud and don't feel inferior. In the future, you will know that no matter which category you belong to, it will not affect your growth into a group of flowers and grasses far better than the masses, with unique personality and unique charm It's a wonderful flower. I am always happy and happy for your progress (even psychological progress) in bullshit, hunting, including being shot. I know that I can't give you any useful support other than being generous in terms of spiritual support. But I'm not depressed. I'm humble. I don't forget to worry about my country. I can live with less money.

With a responsible attitude towards you, I think it's necessary to remind you that although we advocate frank communication, we should never believe any rhetoric that makes you donate money or the shortcut to help you get rich quickly. Countless facts have proved that sometimes adults are affected by greed, fear of death, getting something for nothing and other factors The ability of judgment is much weaker than that of children.

Finally, I wish you all the best in your life!