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How to play tiktok? TikTok Rain Control Tutorial shooting steps

Tiktok's special skills of rain control are loved by everyone. They show different skills of playing the game of rain control. They are very interesting. Many people will ask tiktok how to take it? How to play tiktok? Next, we will tiktok the rain control tutorial to take steps to understand.

The tiktok rain control effect stops the rain.

Open the location of the video, and click the tiktok button, and the position is on the left. Find the rain control effect and click.

Note: the location of the 'rain control' special effect is uncertain. When a new popular special effect is produced, its location will be replaced. Therefore, you can remember the icon of the 'rain control' special effect to facilitate future search.

After clicking the 'rain control' effect, the mobile phone screen will immediately produce the effect of rain, and in the middle of the screen there is a text prompt 'stretch out your hand to try'.

Note: in the 'rain control' special effects, stretching out the palm is the key, but how to stretch out the palm, how to adjust the distance? Now let's take a look.

Case 1: too close to produce 'rain control' effect

When the distance is too close, the whole back of the hand can't appear on the screen of the mobile phone, and the 'rain control' special effect shooting can't be completed.

Case 2: the 'rain control' effect can be produced in the distance of arm length

The back of the hand appears on the screen from the beginning, and then moves from near to far until it can no longer move forward. During the whole process, the 'rain control' effect will always be produced.

Note: palm facing the camera will produce the same effect.

Case 3: the shadow of the hand can't control the rain

With the help of light, the shadow of the hand is projected onto the white wall, and then the 'rain control' special effect is turned on for shooting. It is found that the 'rain control' effect cannot be produced in this case.

Situation 4: the palm of the hand slowly retreats, and 'rain control' is still effective

When the 'rain control' effect appears, start to slowly retract the palm, you can find that when the palm gradually exits the screen and cannot be fully displayed, the 'rain control' effect is still effective.

Note: the key to this play is to be 'continuous'. If the hand movement is continuous, this effect can be produced. If you leave the screen suddenly, the effect will fail.

Situation 5: palm horizontal, vertical or clenching, can not produce 'rain control' effect

In the "rain control" special effect, the palm facing the camera is the standard posture, and the "back" gestures, such as the palm horizontal, vertical or clenching, can not produce the effect.

After shooting the rain control special effects, you can see the "I am" rain control "challenge automatically added by the system in the" add challenge "position. In other words, the video works you shot will be automatically updated to this challenge. After confirming that there is no problem, click" publish ".