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How to deal with the low version of wechat? How to solve the problem of low version of wechat

We use wechat every day. Wechat is indispensable in our life. Even the older generation are using wechat to transfer money, chat and video. However, some netizens recently reported that the version of wechat is too low. What should we do? How to solve the problem of low version of wechat? Today, Xiaobian will show you.

if the mobile phone can't log in to wechat, please try the following methods:

1. Check whether the mobile Internet is normal.

2. Set - Find 'Application Manager' - (all) - wechat - (storage) - clear data and cache.

3. Try to re-enter wechat number and password.

4. Try to update wechat version.

5. Backup data (contacts, SMS, photos, etc.) and try to restore factory settings.