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Can the state-owned allocated land certificate be transferred? How to deal with the transfer of stat

According to the classification of ownership, land in China is divided into collective land and state-owned land. According to the way of acquisition, state-owned land can be divided into state-owned transfer and state-owned transfer. The state-owned allocated land is the land allocated by the state to units or individuals free of charge. Can the state-owned allocated land certificate be transferred? How to deal with the transfer of state-owned allocated land?

there are many kinds of state-owned land certificates, not all of which can be transferred.

State owned land is divided into allocation and transfer. The transfer of ownership can not be handled by allocation. Only after the land transfer fee is paid, can the transfer be handled by changing the nature of land to state-owned transfer.

If it is a state-owned land transfer certificate, it can handle the transfer of ownership, only a few hundred fees.

Extended information:

According to the law of the people's Republic of China on the administration of urban real estate

Article 3:

The allocation of land use right refers to the act that the people's government at or above the county level, with the approval of the law, delivers the land to the user for use after the land user pays compensation, resettlement and other fees, or delivers the land use right to the user for free. There is no limit on the term of use of the land obtained by way of allocation, except as otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations.

Article 7:

If a land user needs to transfer, lease or mortgage the allocated right to use the land, he or she must submit a written application to the land administrative department of the people's Government of the city or county where he or she is located on the strength of the state-owned land use certificate, the property right certificate of the above ground buildings and other attached objects and other legal documents.

Article 8:

According to the different forms of institutional restructuring and the nature of land use, the allocated land use rights involved in the institutional restructuring can be disposed of by means of state-owned allocation of land use rights transfer, leasing, pricing and holding, respectively, with the approval according to law.