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How do you identify genuine and fake tissues with paper towel? Comparison of identification methods

Girls love to use foundation liquid. The foundation solution is still very good. The skin is much more moisturizing, but the fake foundation liquid on the market can't be used so well. Has it bought the fake goods just like the Xiaobian? Today, Xiaobian is going to show you how to identify the real and fake paper towel with liquid foundation. A comparison of the identification methods of foundation and liquid is given.

how do you identify the true and false tissues with a paper towel? Take appropriate amount of foundation fluid in water and observe its reaction.

Generally, there are three situations: sticking to the edge of the cup, floating on the water, or sinking into the bottom of the cup.

These three cases show the composition. Good products don't stick to the edge of the cup, don't float and don't sink to the bottom of the cup.

What sticks to the edge of the cup is animal oil.

Floating on the water is mineral oil.

Heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc. are at the bottom of the cup.

Extended information:

Liquid foundation is a kind of primer for protecting skin and modifying skin color. It is suitable for most skin, especially for oily skin and quick make-up in summer.

Liquid foundation is the first step on makeup, and also the last step of skin care. It blocks the dust in the air and enters the skin, so it plays a protective role.

Moisturizing liquid with highly moisturizing ingredients can 'catch' the moisture in the air, and 'lock' the moisture in the skin, so that it can moisturize the skin and is a coat for the skin.