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How much is Anhui Wulin Fengjiu? Price of a bottle of Anhui Wulin Fengjiu

How much is Anhui Wulin Fengjiu? Price of a bottle of Anhui Wulin Fengjiu Anhui Wulin Fengjiu is soft and sweet in the mouth, with a long aftertaste and strong cellar flavor. So, how much is Anhui Wulin Fengjiu? Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Anhui Wulin Fengjiu price:

Wulinfeng bainianhaohe 42 ℃ 6 bottles reference price: ¥ 58.00/bottle

Wulin Fengshui cubic wine 42 degrees reference price: ¥ 98.00 per bottle

Wulinfeng five year liquor 42 degree reference price: ¥ 68.00/bottle

Wulinfeng Wulin baby wine reference price: ¥ 118.00/bottle

Wulinfeng ten years original liquor 42 degrees 6 bottles reference price: ¥ 198.00 / bottle

Wulin Fengjiu classic jiuduanjiu 42 degree 4 bottles gift box reference price: ¥ 128.00/bottle

Wulin wind wine classic three section wine 6 bottles reference price: ¥ 40.00/bottle

Wulin Fengjiu internal grain and liquid 6 bottles reference price: ¥ 25.00/bottle

Wulin Fengjiu VIP classic 4-bottle gift box reference price: ¥ 48.00/bottle

Wulin Fengjiu Xiaojin Danya 12 bottles reference price: ¥ 15.00/bottle

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Wulinfeng liquor is fermented by traditional 'laowuzhen' technology combined with modern microbial technology, using 'two flowers and one volt' Daqu. The storage period is not less than six months. The medium temperature Daqu, high temperature Daqu and medium high temperature Daqu are mixed in different proportions and used in different rounds. The brewing process is three rounds a year. The first two rounds of fermentation cycle are two months each, and the third round of fermentation cycle is eight months, The special techniques of "three high and one low" (i.e. high starch, high acidity, high water content and low temperature) and "three clean and one control" (i.e. raw materials, auxiliary materials, fermented grains at the bottom of the tank, and impurity removal by pulp control) were used to separate the fermented grains from the tank, distill the fermented grains layer by layer, distill the liquor in special steamer, and store the liquor in different grades After tasting, analysis, blending and aging, the wine is packaged and delivered from the factory. Generally, it takes no less than three years from the raw material input to the product delivery.