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How to treat the old dry cough

How to treat the old dry cough in winter, the temperature is low and the air is dry. Many people have the old problem of dry cough. The causes of dry cough are various. There are many folk prescriptions for dry cough. Today, Xiaobian will sort out some prescriptions for dry cough and the diet prescriptions for dry cough, hoping to help you.

1. Prescription for dry cough

Although it is only a partial solution, it solves the big problem.

Many friends, especially those in the north, will have dry cough symptoms as soon as this season comes.

Going to the hospital usually gets the diagnosis result of pharyngitis, but the drugs prescribed in the hospital sometimes can not relieve the symptoms of dry throat and dry cough. The lozenges often taken are effective but stimulate the stomach.

1. Prescription 1 for dry cough

Take one head of garlic, peel it and crush it. Add two pairs of ice sugar and half a bowl of water to boil it, and then eat it at night. Three days!

2. The second prescription for dry cough

Raw black sesame 3 yuan (about half a spoon), some amount of rock sugar, mashed together, made into half a bowl of soup with boiling water, take it in the morning, recover in 3 days, avoid fish and salty food.

3. Three prescriptions for dry cough

Sichuan Fritillaria 12g, Sydney 2, pig lung 250g, a little sugar. Wash Sichuan Fritillaria, peel and rinse the pear, cut into several pieces, wash the pig lungs, squeeze the foam and cut into slices.

Put Fritillaria sichuanensis, Sydney and pig lung together in a casserole, add a little sugar and some water, and cook on a mild fire for 3 hours. Take pear, lung and soup.

This prescription is suitable for the dry cough, cough and hemoptysis of tuberculosis, as well as the dry cough without phlegm of the elderly, hot cough of the general people, dry mouth and yellow phlegm and other diseases. It has the effect of removing phlegm, moistening the lung and nourishing the lung.

4. Prescriptions for dry cough

Tremella 10-12g, proper amount of crystal sugar.

Wash the tremella one by one, put it into a bowl and soak it in cold boiled water. The water should be soaked in the tremella for 1 hour. After it swells, pick up the sundries.

Put the soaked Tremella in a bowl, add some cold water and sugar.

Put the bowl into the steamer, steam and stew for 2 to 3 hours.

When taking it, drink soup and eat Tremella.

This prescription is suitable for dry cough in autumn and winter, dry cough without phlegm, dry throat and dry mouth, pulmonary tuberculosis with blood in cough sputum, deficiency of heat and thirst, etc. it has the effect of Nourishing Yin, moistening lung, promoting body fluid to stop cough, and it is also a tonic for the weak.

Five prescriptions for dry cough

Luffa flower 10g, honey 15g. Wash the loofah flower, put it into the tea cup, add boiling water to make it, then soak it in the top cover for 10 minutes, then pour in honey, mix it well.

When taking it, pick up the loofah and drink it three times a day.

This prescription is applicable to bronchitis of lung heat type, cough and spit yellow phlegm, wheezing, chest pain, dry mouth and other diseases, and has the effect of clearing lung and relieving asthma.

6. Treatment of dry cough

Sweet almond 250g, walnut 250g, honey 500g, sugar right amount.

Wash the sweet almond, put it into the pot, add some water, boil it with the fire first, and then boil it with the mild fire for 1 hour.

Cut the walnuts into pieces, pour them into a pot filled with white sugar. When they are thick and sticky, add honey, mix them well, and then boil them.

Put the preserved double nuts into the sugar pot for standby. When eating, 3G each time, twice a day.

2. Dry cough therapy

1. Cure dry cough: 120g black sesame and 30g white sugar. Stir fry well and mix well. Serve.

2. For the treatment of restlessness and insomnia, less dry cough and phlegm, and reduced diet: 10g white fungus, 1 hour of steaming with warm water. Soak the fresh lotus seeds in 30g (heartless) boiled water.

One smooth chicken is boiled. Add a small amount of rice wine, salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate. Pour in white fungus and fresh lotus seeds, and cook them for food.

3. There are more than 20 salted olives, 30 grams of tofu skin, fried in water to remove the dregs and cure dry cough.

4. Peanut iced sugar water: 100-150g of peanut. The amount of iced sugar and water is the same as boiled sugar water, and it is used when the peanut is cooked and rotten.

It has the effect of moistening the lung and nourishing the spleen. It is suitable for chronic bronchitis, dry cough and less phlegm, dry cough in autumn and winter, pertussis in children, etc.

5. Ginger juice, almond and pork lungs soup: 250g pork lungs are washed and cut into pieces, and 10-15g northern almonds are used to cook the soup. When the soup is cooked, pour 1-2tbsp ginger juice into it, and taste it with a little salt.

It has antitussive, expectorant and lung tonic effects.

It is suitable for the elderly with chronic bronchitis, cough, cold phlegm and constipation.

6. For those with dry mouth, nose and lips in autumn, 1000 g of cabbage, 300 g of beef blinds and 100 g of lean pork.

Wash cabbage, cut stem and leaves, wash lean pork, slice and marinate with seasoning;

Soak the cowhide blinds in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, remove the black clothes, wash them, cut them into comb shape and dry them.

Put the cabbage stem and dates in the boiling water pot. After the pot is boiled in the fire, cook in the low heat for 1 hour. Put the cabbage leaves in the pot for another 10 minutes. Put the pork slices and beef blinds in the pot. Season and take some food.

Lily can moisten the lungs and stop coughing. "Chinese herbal medicine commonly used in Shanghai" said: 'lily is used to treat lung hot cough, dry cough and long cough. '100-150g fresh lily can be used, and add some sugar to fry soup. You can also use 120 grams of new lilies, 50 grams of honey, after mixing and steaming.

Sugarcane has the effect of promoting body fluid, moistening lung and relieving cough. It is especially suitable for people with dry lung and cough. It can drink sugarcane juice alone, or use sugarcane pulp and japonica or glutinous rice to cook porridge for eating.

Bean curd "with rest diet" cloud: 'bean curd Qingfei Buwei, runzaohuatan. Therefore, those who have dry cough and less phlegm are suitable for eating.

Honey is good at moistening dryness. It can cure lung dryness and cough. All dry cough without phlegm, dry cough does not heal, with honey alone 15-30g, boiled water, sooner or later each time. You can also use 50 grams of honey, 50 grams of cooked lard, boil well with the same standby, daily morning and evening boiled water to take a spoon.

Caramel according to the "Japanese flower grass" records: 'Caramel Xiaotan Zhisou, and run the five viscera. 'for those who have no or little phlegm, 30 grams of caramel and 100 grams of white radish juice should be used.

7. Duck soup with Cordyceps, 10 g of Cordyceps, 40 g of rehmannia, 6 jujubes (seeded), 1 old duck (about 850 g).

Wash the winter wormwood, cooked rehmannia and red dates; remove the hair, viscera, head, neck and feet of the old duck after slaughter, and then dry the water.

Then put the winter wormwood, cooked rehmannia and red dates into the abdominal cavity of the duck, put them in the stew cup, add some boiling water, cover the stew cup, and simmer for 3 hours.

It can be eaten after seasoning. Drink soup to eat duck meat, winter worm grass, red dates.

Nourishing kidney and lung, moistening dryness and relieving cough.

It is often used for deficiency of lung and kidney yin. The symptoms include hot and dry cough, dry throat and thirst, and those who do not recover for a long time.