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What should we pay attention to when signing the supplementary agreement for house purchase

When buying a house, in addition to signing a house purchase contract, buyers often sign a supplementary agreement to explain the unfinished terms in the contract. This agreement also has legal effect. What should we pay attention to when signing the agreement? Let's have a look!

1、 The developer's commitment must be written into the supplementary agreement

Many developers make oral promises to attract buyers when they sell houses to us, such as the surrounding transportation, medical care, education and other supporting facilities. And these oral promises are generally closely related to the buyers. When the buyers sign the house purchase contract, they usually do not know that they have been cheated until they receive the house. At this time, the developers or intermediaries do not recognize the previous promises. Therefore, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of house buyers and avoid being cheated by developers, when signing a supplementary contract, we should put the sales book, oral promise and other advertising content into the supplementary agreement.

2、 Clarify the processing time of certificate of title

Under normal circumstances, the purchase contract will not specify how long the property certificate can be handled, so it needs to be agreed in the supplementary agreement. If the property right can not be handled as scheduled due to the developer's reasons in the later period, the responsibility can be investigated according to law.

3、 Agree on specific housing quality standards

Housing quality dispute is one of the common forms of disputes in real estate sales, mainly because the developers will not inform the buyers of the truth of housing quality problems in advance, and the buyers have not carefully inspected the house, and the purchase contract has not agreed on this matter, which makes the buyers suffer losses in vain. Therefore, in order to avoid losses, buyers and developers can agree on specific housing quality standards in the supplementary agreement. If the housing quality problems or fails to meet the agreed delivery standards, buyers can unilaterally terminate the contract and require developers to compensate for their losses.

Delivery standards include rough, simple and hardcover, this clause is more for hardcover room. If the delivery standard of the house purchased is hardcover, then it is necessary to make a clear agreement on hardcover, especially in the contract or supplementary agreement, including the selection of material, brand, price, etc., to strictly prevent the situation that the house is not worthy of the name in the later inspection. At that time, the buyer has reason but no evidence, and can not safeguard his own interests.

4、 Determine the size of shared area

The size and location of the shared area actually belong to the hidden area bought by the buyers with money, so it is better for the buyers to specify the specific size and location of the shared area in the supplementary agreement, and also to indicate how to solve if the shared area is changed, so as to avoid unnecessary house purchase disputes in the future.

5、 Clarify the property management company and related expenses

In addition to the above four points, the supplementary agreement should also stipulate the property management company and its responsibilities, as well as the specific property fee standard. Although some developers and properties belong to the same company, they belong to different sectors and can not be confused. What can be agreed in advance should be agreed in advance as far as possible.