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Huo Jianhua reveals the inside story behind his marriage

Huo Jianhua reveals the inside story behind his marriage Recently, Huo Jianhua broke out in the program about losing his powder after marriage, which caused an uproar on the Internet. Netizens called the old cadres too frank. Why does Huo Jianhua lose so much powder after marriage? Is there any difficulty in losing powder after marriage?

Recently, Huo Jianhua mentioned his life for the first time in an exclusive interview with "an appointment with Shandong and Henan" and revealed that his marriage and loss of power caused a great deal of uproar. Since Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru got married, there has been a crystallization of love. The couple keep their daughter's protection secret. Huo Jianhua said he didn't want to get married before. After getting married, many fans shut down his studio.

On the program, Huo Jianhua is very different from what he usually sees on the screen. After all, this time, Huo Jianhua first revealed the details of his life. He confessed that he was afraid to be a good friend with Lin Xinru before he got married. I didn't expect that I finally got married and had a daughter. I knew how to protect my family better. Unexpectedly, after getting married, I lost my powder.

Huo Jianhua is the guest of the latest issue of "one day's trip to Shandong Henan University". Through this program, we have a deeper understanding of this man: he likes the life of the market, eats goods, is low-key, and has a sense of responsibility. He has his own persistence in his performance career, and feels that shooting is his main business. He is nothing but shooting himself. He thinks that family is the most important thing and ignores the vicious words on the Internet.

He said in the program that he was scared after his sudden popularity two years ago. Huo Jianhua even said that he didn't dare to go out for a while, but he quickly adjusted his mind 'I didn't do anything wrong, why didn't I dare to go out', so from then on to now, Hua GE has been able to accept all this. Not only in his work, but also in his life. He talked generously about the fact that after his marriage with Lin Xinru, his fans were all gone.

As for the reason that I don't have Weibo, the Weibo fans of the studio have dropped by tens of thousands. Huo Jianhua has exposed his powder, and the old cadres are really honest. As for why he didn't open Weibo, Huo explained that if he opened Weibo, he would scold people. If he didn't open Weibo, he would feel that his psychological status was higher than that of the other party, and he could ignore those people on the Internet.