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What side effects does warm baby have? How to prevent warm baby scald

What side effects does warm baby have? How to prevent warm baby scald it's cold in winter, so warm baby has become a heating device for many people. It's very convenient to use it and paste it with you. It can keep warm for up to 8 hours, so many beautiful little friends can get rid of the trouble of bloated clothes, but warm baby is good, many people are worried about its side effects, so what's the side effects of warm baby? Let's take a look at it!

Does warm baby have side effect

There are side effects, warm baby paste on the body or long-term use easy to cause low temperature burns.

Low temperature scald refers to the scald caused by long-term contact with a heat source that is not too hot. The maximum heating temperature of the warm baby can exceed 60 ℃, the working temperature of the electric heater is above 70 ℃, and the surface temperature of the warm water bag filled with boiling water is more than 80 ℃, which may cause low temperature scald.

How to use warm baby stickers

1. Open the wrapping paper.

2. Let the warm baby fully contact with the air for 3 minutes.

3. Tear off the sticker and stick the sticky side on the coat.

How to prevent scald of warm baby

1. Do not touch the skin

Don't put warm baby directly on your body. It's not safe to put it on your shirt and panties. It's better to put it inside your coat;

2. Not available for sleeping

When people are sleeping, they have no obvious perception of the external heat source. Don't sleep close to the warm baby.

3. Try to use less warm baby

Doctors said that heating products such as warm baby can be used as temporary heating, but we should pay attention to the use method, and we must not directly contact the skin, or wear more clothes to keep warm in cold weather.