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How to relieve dysmenorrhea

How to relieve dysmenorrhea

Sihaiwang: menstruation is very important for women. Menstruation is also a measure of women's health. Some women suffer from dysmenorrhea when they come to menstruation. They are loveless. Besides paying attention to their own health care, it is also necessary to relieve pain when they come to menstruation.

I. Methods to relieve dysmenorrhea:

1. Hot compress method

Women who often have dysmenorrhea must pay attention to the premise of keeping their abdomen warm, and in the physiological period, they can use hot water bags or hot towels to help keep their abdomen warm, which can promote the circulation speed of blood and relieve the pain of dysmenorrhea.

2. Hot feet

The way to soak feet is also for the effect of activating meridians and blood, so it can help the blood to be unblocked. As long as the blood is unblocked, it will reduce the situation of dysmenorrhea. In the process of soaking feet, it will also help the health of women, and it will help to alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

3. Mineral supplement

The minerals mentioned here can be some vitamins or iron elements, because iron is one of the important components of synthetic blood. Without iron, it is impossible to synthesize blood. Therefore, the absorption of iron can help the human body's hematopoietic function, so as to prevent anemia caused by excessive blood loss and reduce the possibility of dysmenorrhea.

4. Take painkillers

In fact, it's not recommended to take painkillers. Unless it's really unbearable, it's said that painkillers have three poisons. Although the effect of painkillers is very effective, it's more or less toxic. Once you take painkillers once they have a good effect, there will be a second time and a third time, and the dependence of drugs will become stronger and stronger.

2. Taboo of dysmenorrhea:

1. Don't drink tea

It's not only the time of dysmenorrhea, even when there is no dysmenorrhea, women must not have the habit of drinking tea in the physiological period, let alone the diet tea, because the ingredients in the tea will hinder the absorption of iron, which will aggravate the symptoms of anemia.

2. Don't drink

During the physiological period, it is strictly forbidden to drink. Don't drink too much because of your greediness. This will have a bad impact on your body and even prolong your physiological period. In serious cases, it will cause cycle confusion. So be careful!

3. Do not drink cold drinks

It's OK in winter, and I don't want to drink cold drinks. If it's summer, it's estimated that many women have the habit of drinking cold drinks. Drinking cold drinks in the physiological period will only aggravate the degree of dysmenorrhea, which is also very harmful to the body.