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Zhang Ziyi explodes the birth of Yuan Li's eliminated insider

Zhang Ziyi explodes the birth of Yuan Li's eliminated insider "the birth of an actor" has had a lot of topics since its launch. I don't know whether the program group deliberately made a topic or whether the program really had a problem? How about the performance of an actor? Whether the instructor's vote was corrected? All these are the concerns of everyone.

In the birth of actors, Yuan Li's anger against the program event continues to ferment. So far, there are various versions, all kinds of grievances, so who are you standing on?

In fact, according to the truth, Yuan Li has no mistakes. She is a rule breaker, but who of us doesn't want fairness and justice from the bottom of our hearts? Of course, Ouyang Nana and Zheng Shuang certainly don't want to. Their acting skills are really poor, but they are promoted, but Yuan Li doesn't, which means that everyone knows.

Recently, Zhang Ziyi's interview clip was broadcast. Zhang Ziyi is worthy of the title of international chapter. He attributed all the problems to the program group. He was completely clean. The program group wanted to eliminate Yuan Li.

Zhang Ziyi also said that he was required by the standards of professional actors. Isn't Yuan Li? Yuan Li was admitted by Beiying with the first grade, excellent professional skills, and no less awards. How could he be so miserable in Zhang Ziyi's eyes that he doesn't deserve to be a professional actor.

From the interview, it can be seen that Zhang Ziyi's unremitting feeling is obvious. In fact, Zhang Ziyi is famous, but almost consumed. The popularity of splash ink gate, fraud donation gate and married Wang leather pants is not as high as before, and Yuan Li is a kind of over angry actor.

However, Yuan Li graduated from Beiying, and his achievements are quite good. All the stars and celebrities are quite right about Yuan Li. Isn't Zhang Ziyi insulting the teaching of Beiying when he says that people are not qualified to be professional actors? Or is he saying that Yuan Li doesn't understand things and doesn't understand potential rules, and Beiying doesn't teach Yuan Li to work together?

Anyway, I like Yuan Li. At least she is real. Dare you, Zhang Ziyi?