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Loan to buy second-hand housing must pay attention to these points

Compared with the new house, the second-hand house has the advantages of immediate purchase and occupancy, mature surrounding facilities and relatively low price, so it attracts many buyers. But now people buy houses in the form of loans, so in addition to understanding the matters needing attention when buying second-hand houses, we should also understand the matters needing attention when buying second-hand houses with loans.

1. Pay attention to personal credit

The personal credit report of house buyers is an important condition for banks to examine and approve loans. Because the credit report reflects personal credit, we can see whether the borrowers have good repayment habits. Otherwise, even if you have more income and poor credit, the bank will not lend you money. Therefore, buyers who have purchase plans must keep good credit records, such as repaying on time and paying living expenses in time.

2. Don't be too old

Banks in the approval of loans for housing age is also required, especially second-hand housing. It can be said that the shorter the housing age is, the easier it is to obtain loans, and the higher the amount of loans applied for; if the housing age is too old, the easier it is to be rejected when applying for loans. Therefore, when buying a house, loan buyers must ask about the age of the house. For the old second-hand house they like, they must ask whether the loan can be used to sign the house purchase contract.

3. Pay attention to the bank account

When applying for a loan to buy a house, the bank will generally require the buyer to provide the bank daily account within six months, so as to investigate the repayment ability of the buyer. Therefore, before buying a second-hand house, buyers must make a beautiful daily account for themselves. For example: deposit a certain amount of money to the bank card every month, which can increase your loan passing rate.

4. Don't change jobs frequently before buying a house

Stable work is one of the important criteria for banks to evaluate the personal qualifications of loan applicants. If you change your company or job before handling the loan business, the bank will definitely think that your job is unstable, your repayment ability will be affected, and the bank's credit risk will increase, resulting in the rejection of the loan application. Therefore, buyers in the loan to buy second-hand housing must not be free to change work, at least in the first half of the loan to buy a house do not change.

5. Loan information should be true and complete

The authenticity and integrity of loan information is the primary factor to determine whether you can successfully get the loan. If you provide false information to the bank, the bank will not hesitate to refuse your application after finding out, and it may also be blacklisted by the bank, affecting the subsequent loan. In addition, if the personal information is incomplete and some necessary information is missing, the bank and the lending institution will not apply for the loan through you. Therefore, when submitting loan information, loan applicants should not resort to fraud, borrow in good faith and fill in personal information truthfully.

6. Avoid second-hand houses with poor location

The location of second-hand houses purchased by buyers will also affect the approval of bank loans to a certain extent. The houses with good location are relatively favored by banks, while some houses with poor location often have low loan limit, and may even be refused by banks directly.