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What's the meaning of 2017 catchphrase Buddhism? What are the young Buddhists like?

the last word at the end of 2017 is Buddhism. Do you know what it means? What kind of state is the Buddhist Youth in? The general meaning of Buddhism is: Yes, yes, no, no sorrow, no joy, no struggle, no robbery. After all, it is the embodiment of a funeral culture. As a result, netizens have taken action to label their Buddhist attributes. Do you think you belong to Buddhism? In fact, it's just an alternative expression of no desire and no demand.

In addition to these, there are other groups of Buddhists. Follow Xiaobian to have a look!

Buddhist food: as long as there is something to eat. Buddhist food to the hotel will never complain about the poor attitude of the waiter, the selection of difficult will not trouble the waiter to introduce. I will not complain about the slow serving, the unsavory food, the wrong food, or the change. I will come here happily and go happily.

Buddha's excrement shoveling Officer: Buddha's excrement shoveling officer dotes on his master with the attitude of bullying president, grabs the sofa to see if his paw is injured, steals snacks and adds them in the bowl secretly. The master peed on the pillow, looked back and smiled, silently washed the pillow.

Buddha's treasure mother: always give 'world peace' as a treasure. Even if the baby makes a mess in the room, the husband doesn't care about anything. The mother-in-law always intervenes, and even the anger can be suppressed by herself, and everything can be settled calmly.

After reading so much, I don't know if you have found your own shadow in the life of these Buddhists. In fact, it conveys a kind of calm, rational mind and concept. In the face of anything, we should not fight for anything, be humble or overactive, and face everything rationally and calmly. In this fast-paced life, maybe this is also a kind of positive mind.