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Which is more cost-effective to buy a new house or a second-hand house

A lot of friends who buy a house are wandering between buying a second-hand house or a new house. They are not familiar with the two because they don't know their own needs clearly. In fact, both the second-hand house and the new house are their advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to see which point they value more. If this point is clear, it may not be so difficult to choose. So, is it cost-effective to buy a second-hand house or a new house? How to buy a new house more cost effective?

Second hand house or new house

Second hand housing and new housing have their own advantages, buyers can choose through the following aspects, combined with their own needs

1. From the perspective of supporting resources

Generally, the new housing community has advanced internal facilities, many fitness and leisure facilities, uses new energy, and has a good greening environment, but the surrounding facilities may not be perfect and it is inconvenient to live; the second-hand housing community is relatively old, with few fitness and leisure facilities, old greening environment and few parking spaces, but the surrounding facilities are mature: hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls and vegetable markets are all available The transportation is convenient.

2. In terms of quality

The new house can't be seen or touched, which belongs to the transaction of forward house. What we sell are models, many of which haven't been completed, and the waiting time is long. The second-hand house is what you see is what you get, and the potential problems of the house can be seen when you buy it. The check-in time can be agreed in the contract, which is guaranteed.

3. Business loans

There are few types of loans for new houses. They can only choose commercial loans and provident fund loans, and some developers are only allowed to use commercial loans. But the amount of new housing loans is high; second-hand housing can choose many types of loans, such as commercial loans, provident fund loans, portfolio loans. However, the amount of loans for second-hand housing is lower than that for new housing.

4. Property management fees

The property management fee of the new house is generally higher than that of the second-hand house.

How to buy a new house more cost effective

In general, it is relatively cost-effective to buy a new house in the following situations, such as group buying, timing of profit transfer at the time of market promotion and at the end of the market, bargaining strategy, etc. by using appropriate methods of price reduction, it can save at least thousands or tens of thousands of house money.

1. Before the opening of the discount, most of the real estate, before the opening must go through the process of testing the market, this can have the opportunity to get the discount. Before the opening, the developer is not sure of the market reaction, will register the buyer in the early stage, provide a certain range of price, and finally determine the price.

2. The final price of the building is relatively affordable. The feeling of the tail room to the buyers is' what is left after being picked ', but this is not the case. When the sales volume of the real estate reaches more than 80%, the developer has made a profit, and the project enters the stage of liquidation sales. At this time, the price is more affordable. If you like a real estate, you have to contact the sales staff more and pay more attention to the promotion information.

3. Looking for the owner who has bought a house, there may be a discount. Many properties have preferential policies introduced by old owners to new owners. Although the amount saved is not much for the total price, it is a real benefit for buyers and introducers. And this tripartite win-win way, it is easy to promote cooperation.

The above is to buy second-hand housing or new housing cost-effective? How to buy a new house more cost-effective full content, you read this article is still struggling? In fact, the definition of cost-effective is very broad. You can define it from the price or from the commodity itself. If you want to buy a good price, you have to see how you understand the word. Of course, the above also tells you how to save money and be cost-effective. I hope you can use it.