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Details of jiangge case

Details of jiangge case

The fourth day of the court trial: Chen Shifeng and the prosecutor fight in court

On December 14, the fourth day of the trial of jiangge case.

From today to the morning of December 15, the court will comprehensively inquire the suspect Chen Shifeng. During this period, Chen Shifeng stated the reasons for finding jiangge and the details before jiangge's accident.

Court yard

In today's trial, Chen Shifeng played the emotion card.

Chen's parents are still absent. Chen's parents asked Chinese lawyers to ask him to help them meet Chen, but they didn't come, Chen's lawyer said. Because Chen's parents consider that Jiang GE's mother didn't see the last face of Jiang Ge, they also plan not to see Chen Shifeng for the last time. Chen Shifeng confirmed this. At this time, some of the jury members and the spectators wiped their tears. Chen Shifeng's Japanese lawyer even cried in his statement.

Chen Shifeng said that he felt that the reason why the case happened was because he 'had a great deal of problems in dealing with love and interpersonal relations'. If after Liu Xin said that he broke up,' I don't want to get involved, then things won't happen. '

He said that he imagined Jiang GE's mood when he passed away: 'she must have said she didn't want to die, & lsquo; I still have my mother. I want to see my mother. I'm sorry, mom. Can someone help me?' "he sobbed as he said.

Chen Shifeng's lawyer asked him: 'can you understand Jiang GE's mother's mood in organizing the signing campaign?'

Chen Shifeng's cry is louder. He imitated Jiang Qiulian's tone: "24 years, 24 years, is my daughter. I've worked hard to pull up my older daughter. All my good dreams and expectations are placed on her & rsquo; s life.";. (jiangge) but I killed so many knives. She must hate me for the sadness and pain that can't be covered up. '

At this time, Jiang Qiulian, who was sitting behind the prosecutor and had no expression on her face, sneered. During the middle recess, Chen Shifeng bowed two times to Jiang Qiulian, who did not look at him and went out directly.

After the adjournment, Chen returned to the witness stand. Facing the prosecutor, he seems to have changed. He is no longer sad. He listens to the questions of the prosecutor, explains the questions raised by the prosecutor and opposes some of the statements made by the prosecutor. For example, the prosecutor said: 'did you follow Liu Xin to the place where he worked on November 2?' Chen Shifeng replied: 'yes, please don't use the word & lsquo; and & rsquo;; we went all the way. I sent a threatening message and felt sorry, so I went to apologize to her. '

Chen Shifeng said he only thought about it for a second or two before cutting again

According to Chen Shifeng's statement, our reporter tried to reproduce what happened before and after the murder, as follows:

At 21:40 on November 2, Chen Shifeng had reached the gate of a 711 family. He changed his daytime black and white coat with dots and grey Hoodie. There is also a blue coat in his bag.

Monitoring shows that at the gate of 711, Chen Shifeng put on a mask, then pushed the door in and went to the wine rack. Here, Chen Shifeng stood for 3 minutes and finally got a bottle of 39 degree whisky. Chen Shifeng told the court that he wanted to go to jiangge to have a drink and talk about him and Liu Xin. In the afternoon, he just had a quarrel with jiangge and Liu Xin. At that time, jiangge pointed at him at the door and said, 'Why are you at my door? You go! You go!' on the way back, he also threatened Liu Xin, if not, he would upload her nude photos.

Chen Shifeng said that the reason why he decided to ask jiangge to bring the two together was that jiangge took care of whether he could keep up with them when they went out together in the afternoon. 'I think she understood me and changed her attitude towards me. "Chen Shifeng said in his confession. Based on this, Chen Shifeng said that he specially took the wine to visit jiangge and wanted to have a drink and talk with him.

Chen's surveillance video shows that Chen Shifeng didn't get on the train from gaodaoping station, the nearest to home, but walked all the way to liangen station, which is far away from home, and bought a paper ticket that can't record personal information. Chen Shifeng explained that the clothes in the bag are to be taken to wash. Because of the search for a laundry, he got to a place close to the liangen subway station, and the usual daily traffic card was left at home.

At 23:40 Tokyo time, Liu Xin arrived at dongzhongye station and jiangge received her. Monitoring shows that at this time, Chen Shifeng has also arrived at jiangge's apartment building, waiting at the corner of the stairs on the third floor. The bottle of whisky has been opened and a lot of wine has been drunk. After about seven or eight minutes, Liu Xin and jiangge came back together. One was dressed in black, the other was white, which was very conspicuous under the street lamp.

About 20 minutes later, Jiang Ge fell under Chen Shifeng's knife. Chen Shifeng said: 'jiangge fell down directly, at a very fast speed, like something falling down. During this period, he claimed that he didn't hear the scream of jiangge. It is possible that he didn't pay attention to the voice in his spare time because of the fierce state at that time. "Chen Shifeng said in court that he squatted down and found jiangge had no response. He pulled out the knife and said, 'the wound began to bubble, and the blood froth flowed hard'.

Chen told lawyers that he had pulled up his sleeve to cover the wound. Chen Shifeng said his brain was blank. When he heard Liu Xin call the police in the house, he felt "it's over, it's over.". He felt that he could not go to school, and jiangge was' no different from the dead ',' (if rescue) treatment would cost a lot of money, and his parents' financial ability was limited. I didn't want to put pressure on them, so I had to take responsibility myself. '

Chen said he only thought about it for a second or two before falling again. He stabbed Jiang GE's naked neck about four or five times. 'she did not move at that time. I was afraid that she was still alive and the knife was small, so I pricked it many times. '

The prosecutor pointed out that Chen Shifeng revised the key confession

Chen Shifeng and his lawyers' defense strategies are based on one point: Jiang GE's fatal injury was caused by the first knife. The wound runs through jiangge's neck from right to left, leaving a 6.5 to 8 cm wound. The defense lawyer and Chen Shifeng insist that the knife was caused by the failure of the two sides in the confrontation and can only be sentenced to "manslaughter".

At the time of the case, only Jiang Ge and Chen Shifeng were present, and there was no monitoring of the scene when the two were fighting. Although the neighbor next door 203 opened the door to check after hearing the sound, he saw Chen Shifeng squatting beside jiangge, thinking that jiangge was drunk, and Chen Shifeng took care of him, so he quickly closed the door. Liu Xin is in the room, she claims to have seen nothing.

The prosecutor pointed out in court that Chen Shifeng had changed key statements related to this issue. After the incident, when asked by the police, Chen Shifeng claimed that the first stab happened when two people were wrestling, when the point of the knife 'accidentally hit the left neck', which was recorded in the confession by the police.

In the statement submitted to the court, Chen Shifeng has changed the saying of the first Dao to enter from the right side of jiangge's neck. This is consistent with the forensic evidence.

The picture of jiangge's injury (according to the description of the prosecution) comes from the surging news

Whether the first stab is right neck or left neck is the key evidence to decide whether Chen Shifeng intentionally killed people. In other words, if the first stab is stabbed to the left neck, then the fatal No. 6 stab wound from the right neck appears in the back mending knife. Chen Shifeng's "intentional homicide" is established.

To this end, Chen Shifeng said: after reading a lot of information, he felt that his memory was different from the (Forensic) record. He was very strange and thought about it. 'jiangge is right-handed. She is sideways. I can't get to the left anyway. 'he also tried to describe jiangge's appearance when he was wrestling with him, which was stopped by the prosecutor.

The prosecutor further asked Chen Shifeng whether it was after seeing the evidence disclosed by the procuratorate to the lawyer that he changed his mouth to say 'the knife was stabbed from the right side of the neck'?

Chen Shifeng said: 'there is no way to answer. '

At this time, the judge intervened and continued to ask questions.

Judge: 'did you read the forensic report before you wrote your complaint?'

Chen Shifeng replied 'yes'.

Then the judge said, "do you know which knife is fatal?"

Chen Shifeng replied: 'yes. '

Chen Shifeng: Dao is not mine

It has always been an important evidence to determine whether Chen Shifeng intentionally killed people. The police found the scabbard matching the weapon and the package of the knife in Chen Shifeng's research room. The knife has disappeared. The knife was purchased by the professor in the research room, and it is usually useless.

The prosecutor asked Chen Shifeng why he didn't want to destroy the packaging after the crime. After the translator told Chen Shifeng what the prosecutor meant, he quickly replied without hesitation: 'the Dao is not mine. I don't know if there is a Dao. I haven't touched it. '

However, it is a fact that in the evening, after looking for Liu Xin in a job shop, he once went back to the research room, and then returned to his home in Gaodao pingtuandi.

Chen Shifeng said the Dao may be Liu Xin's. In the afternoon of November 2, 2016, jiangge went to class and Liu Xin went to work. Waiting outside, he went up. They didn't answer him. Chen Shifeng said that Liu Xin was carrying a bag on her side and asked jiangge to help her take out the key and lock the door. 'I remember taking something with me when the key came out. I feel like a knife. '

According to Chen Shifeng's statement, after Liu Xin entered the house, Jiang Ge followed. She had opened the door and was about to enter. He came to take a picture of jiangge twice. Jiangge was surprised and gave a sound of "ah". He immediately covered jiangge's mouth. Jiangge struggled. Chen Shifeng grabbed jiangge's neck like a collar with one hand.

Chen Shifeng said that Liu Xin, who was inside, pushed jiangge out at this time, and shouted: "three uncles, hold on, I'm afraid. "Chen Shifeng heard the sound of the chain of the inner door, and then Jiang Ge stabbed him with a knife. Chen Shifeng said that he didn't know where the Dao came from at first. After repeated memories, he suddenly thought of what Liu Xin said. 'I think again and again, it's very awkward. How could she say that? I think what she said is & you catch (the knife) & rsquo;. '

Chen Shifeng: I want to confirm whether Liu Xin is pregnant

Chen Shifeng told the court that in addition to Jiang GE's efforts to bring him back to Liu Xin, he also wanted to ask Jiang Ge about Liu Xin's pregnancy.

According to Chen Shifeng, on October 14, 2016, jiangge went to school to find him and told him that Liu Xin was pregnant. (Liu Xin denied this yesterday when testifying. )Chen Shifeng said that after listening, he went home and gave Jiang Ge 100000 yen as Liu Xin's abortion fee. At this time, Jiang Ge and Chen Shifeng have contacted each other for the fourth time since they met each other, twice via wechat.

100000 yen is not a small amount for Chen Shifeng. Previously, in an interview with this magazine, the teacher who helped him to study in Japan once said that Chen Shifeng's family was in a bad situation and still 'owes the tuition fees of the language school'.

The prosecutor asked Chen Shifeng: 'did you ever want to confirm with Liu Xin before you gave Jiang Ge the abortion money?'

Chen Shifeng replied: 'No. 'he said that jiangge told him that Liu Xin had been crying and didn't want to see him, so he had better not see him well.

Chen Shifeng said he stewed chicken and gave it to Liu Xin five days later, but didn't want to confirm the pregnancy. He said in court: 'no, and No. 'the reason is:' I always want to ask, but Liu Xin is right